My Sweet Home: The Christmas Edition (2013)

Less than a week ago, on the way to the grocery store with my mom to stock up for a coming winter snowstorm, I was bemoaning the fact that my head seemed to be stuck in Fall; I could not for the life of me process that Christmas was coming, and very soon.

Part of my problem was that I had been longing, since September, to get a particular autumnal picture of Miss Sunday…

in my typical dramatic weirdness, I just couldn’t move on until I had checked that last thing of my list; thus, that night, before church, I bathed her, dressed her, dried her hair, and the two of us marched around our property in almost freezing weather to get that “Fall” picture…

got it! (she is SUCH a trooper!)…

Rebekah Fall

After uploading and editing those pictures, I gave life – and time – permission to carry on.

And it was crazy.

As snow began to fall the very next day, I put the last of my Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff away and started tidying up the house, and, by the time night arrived, my house (and my heart) was completely ready for Christmas.

None of it was planned, really, especially the snow, but at 6:00 p.m., I snapped out of a concentrated cleaning fervor to realize that Christmas music was playing, the house was shiny and festive, the stockings were hung, the fireplace was going, and the children were even sitting around their little table, drinking hot chocolate by the light of their little battery-operated candlesticks.

“This is the best night ever…” Rebekah sighed.

“No kidding!” I thought. And I hadn’t even orchestrated it. It just sort of happened.

It was a fun and unexpected turn of events, for sure.

When it comes to Christmas decorating, I like to keep things as simple and timeless as possible, and it seems like I pare down what I own more and more every year.

What remains are some cherished items that just make my heart so happy, and I can decorate in about 30 minutes, flat (not including the tree, which we do not have yet).

I also have a major thing for oranges at Christmastime. I blame it all on “Little Women”.

All that to say, it really is starting to look and feel like Christmas around here, and I am one happy girl…

christmas blog

screen with ornaments



girl with tree


close-up sisters

bowl of oranges


silver tree




Gid coloring

Don’t let the photographs or the filters fool you – it is a messy madhouse around here, but at different moments throughout my day, these holiday vignettes are visible and they just make my heart sing. I love me some Christmastime.

Now…let the gift wrapping begin!!


I’d love to hear from you! Any questions about anything you see? How do you like to deck your halls? Garlands? Wreaths? Mistletoe? Anyone else a mercury glass junkie?…

2 thoughts on “My Sweet Home: The Christmas Edition (2013)

  1. As always, you warm my heart. What a great way to start my work day…reading your post and being carried away in thought to a warm hearth and home where Little Women (and Men) live, love, and experience life together. Love to you all. ❤

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