Life is Nuts. Snow is Pretty.

Two weeks ago, I was terrified in the walk-in clinic waiting room.

One week ago, I thought I was dying from first trimester misery.

Three days ago, I felt like a new woman when I joined once more with my church family.

Yesterday, I had my second unexpected wave of internet “fame” this year after the author Jen Hatmaker shared my social media etiquette post and my site stats immediately exploded.

Last night, I didn’t need to wear a coat it was so nice.

And this morning, I woke up to…


That’s a picture of my backyard from my bedroom window.

All that to say, life is absolutely nuts, and you just never know what a day is going to bring.

But as we have observed together over the past two years on this blog, no matter what a day brings, and no matter what you’re going through, there is a level of beauty and abundance when life is lived according to the Word of God and when you are covered by the blood and grace of Jesus Christ.

Especially on snow days.

Miss Sunday and I woke up slowly this morning after one of the craziest nights of sleep our family has ever endured experienced. After hearing her bare feet patter out of my room (Miss Sunday does not pitter) and into the completely windowed laundry room, I heard her gasp.

“Mom!” she reverently breathed. “It’s snowing!!”

I let this knowledge sink into my very fuzzy and sleepy brain. They had forecasted snow. But I never believed it would actually happen…

We had been waiting for this moment for two long years, as forecast after forecast has left my kids disappointed, none greater than the Christmas Day powdering we were almost certainly supposed to receive. (We didn’t).

Miss Sunday had been a wee little tyke the last time she had really played in the snow, and I had looked forward to this moment all winter.

Although I will admit, my excitment was immediately tempered by the thought that I would be spending the next two hours or so dressing and undressing three children and mopping up melted snow from my entryway. But this is motherhood. I should have gotten over these things long ago.

After I peeled the cobwebs out of my brain and eyeballs, Gid, Sunday and I bounded up the stairs to retrieve Baby Betsie from her crib. I don’t know who was more atwitter about introducing her to the white world that awaited her, but I’m pretty sure it was the big, pregnant lady with the frizzy hair (who has a  heart of gold, by the way). Standing in front of the large double window in their nursery, all four of us ooohed and aaahed, and Gideon noted that “God must have decided to do something nice for us since we pray to Him all the time.”

“He must have!” I agreed. “We should thank Him.”

“Thank you, God!” Gideon yelled out the window.

“Thank you, God!” his sister copied, before adding, “I LOVE you!”

One cup of coffee and a “Peppa Pig” episode later we were scrambling around like crazy people, flinging hats and mittens and scarves and long johns all over the place in our haste to be ready to play by the time Papa made it up the hill to watch us. I had one driving motivation: we had to make it out there before the fat flakes tapered off or I would be a miserable failure of a mother who cares more about coffee than children.

And by jove…we succeeded!

Once ready, I surveyed my handiwork.

Be still my heart.

Do you remember days like this? Getting all bundled up with your siblings? Being so excited that God sent you a gift from the sky? Having nothing else on your entire horizon except enjoying what was right in front of your face?

Sweet, precious childhood. My favorite of all created things.


It was the most perfect snow I’ve ever seen, the kind that makes building snowmen and creating snowballs as easy as pie. And the giant, fluffly flakes that fell down as my kids played were like something out of Narnia.

If only we had a lamppost and a Faun.

Oh, well. Maybe next year.


Miss Sunday approved of her new winter playground.


And Baby Betsie reached up in wonder to touch the flakes that were landing gently onto our porch…


before swiftly deciding that, just like she doesn’t care for swimming pools and sprinklers, she doesn’t care for snow.


In fact, she hates it.


But she loves her Papa.


As unique and particular are the difficulties of life in the ministry, so are the perks, one of which being that Papa can come play in the snow with us while the time is right.

He may have to work on Saturday now, but…how could we have missed this morning with him by our side?

(Please excuse the dirty, grouchy snowman who is still staring at me through our office window. I think he wants to kill me…).


I will share more funny things about our playtime tomorrow, but for now, I’ll conclude with this: by the time they had shucked all their wet clothes and only long john bottoms remained, my eldest children were wound up. Drinking hot chocolate and eating grilled cheese sandwiches right in front of the fireplace topped off what must have been to them the perfect morning…


And If they don’t fully realize it now, they will. The only reason we have days like this is because God is good and His mercy endures forever.

We know who butters our bread…

and who sends us our snow.

Thank you, God, for all of it.


And I’d like to give a hearty “welcome!” to everyone who joined up with Mrs. Gore’s Diary yesterday! Your kind words and comments just absolutely made my day, and I am so very glad to have you along.


Want to read about more of our snow adventures? Here is one of my first (and favorite) posts: How to Survive When Snowbound

9 thoughts on “Life is Nuts. Snow is Pretty.

  1. I so remember those days of playing in the snow when I was little:). As much as I tire of the winter in upstate NY, waking to snow is always beautiful! Adorable kids:)!

  2. Hello Mrs. Gore…I have subscribed to your blog for several months…love it!! It all started when someone posted your “Magic Mike” write up on FB…and I was hooked. You have a tremendous gift for writing and you use it well to spread God’s love along with fun and adventure. Not to mention I love what you are able to capture in pictures.

    I have this burning question that is driving me crazy…so here goes…Your children are Gideon, Betsie, and “Sunday”? Is that her name or a nick name? And btw all 3 of your children are beautiful (and handsome).

    Thanks! Lauri Smith

    On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 6:31 PM,

    • Ooohhh, a burning question! I know what that feels like, so I just had to answer it for you. 🙂
      Yes, Sunday is actually her middle name. Her first name is Rebekah, but I call her “Miss Sunday” because she is so bossy and knows so much about the world. 🙂
      And thank you so much, for your sweet words, and for being a faithful reader – I recognize your name from my facebook page!

  3. I ended up on your blog the same way as Laurie Smith above. I love reading your thoughts and encouraging words that remind us that we serve a mighty and loving God! Your pictures today were so perfectly captured the moods of your beautiful kiddos. I know your little sweetie wasn’t too keen about the snow, which is fine because that’s her uniqueness, but the picture is gorgeous and so innocent. I especially love the last shot because 1, I adore black and white photograph- especially of children, and 2, because it totally captures the love of the day and each other without being staged.

    My daughter is now 15, but I can totally walk in your shoes about her not loving or even slightly liking the snow when she was young. We don’t get much snow here in the south, but when we did she just watched it from the comfort of the sofa in a warm and dry house. It took about 8 years to change this trait, but even now she just tolerates it at best.

    Keep on blogging and blessing!

  4. Just discovered your blog yesterday via Jen’s post and I’m so enjoying it! I have three babies as well, but no longer little’s, and your stories bring back lots of delight from my younger mothering years. I blog as well, but am still learning all the nuances of bloggy world, so forgive me if it’s blog tackiness to post a link, but if you’d ever like to read about adventures yet to come in motherhood, come on over to

  5. Mrs. Gore, I love you…and I don’t even know you. But your sweet family brought a smile to my face. You see, I live on the cold Canadian prairie and we are now nearly 5 months into one of the longest, coldest winters in recent memory. The snowbanks on our yard are nearing 5 feet and with windchills in the -40 range almost weekly, we’re so tired of it all. But your post made me remember the happy days of fresh new snowfalls and I can’t help but love it all! Thanks for sharing your days with all of us. (My 4 were born in 5 years so I totally feel your pain right now…but it’s so worth it later…and now, we’re in the teen years!! )

  6. As always, SUCH a joy. Photos similar to these (albeit all back and white) from my childhood of those rare snow days in Memphis help retain precious memories of a time I wish I could revisit today. Last night we were promised a little snow over here, but as usual (as on your Christmas Day) they lied. And we all dragged ourselves in to work this morning, disappointed and leaving our carefully crafted to-do lists for our “free day at home” crumpled on the countertop. Our chances are narrowing–it’s already February 21.
    So happy 🙂 your got your day–and priceless treasures in snapshots and memory.

    Blessings on thee, “Small Elephant”–who looks strangely like a very beautiful Mrs. Gore I’ve come to love through this blog….

  7. I SO desperately wish I could respond to each and every one of you, but I only have a couple of more minutes of internet time!! But I just wanted to say “thank you” for taking the time to share your thoughts. I love every word, and I feel so blessed to have you among my readership! You are a huge, huge blessing to me.
    God bless you!!

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