Special Announcement!

Good afternoon, friends!

I just wanted to take a moment to make a special announcement: freshly launched today, in the wake of the most miserable case of strep throat EVER, is my new sister site, Mrs. Gore’s Home Academy. Lacking energy to do much of anything else all week gave me plenty of time to sit down and put together this secondary blog that will hopefully be a place of encouragement for any current or potential homeschoolers. And most importantly, for those of you who don’t homeschool or don’t have children underfoot, you won’t have to receive a gazillion blog updates concerning every homeschool event and party and project that we do in our little school at home.

That said, if you are already a subscriber here, but want to receive homeschool updates, as well, you’ll need to sign up at the new blog. Or you can always visit the new site by clicking on the “Home Education” tab at the top of this page. Either way, I would love to have you join us as we embark on this new and exciting adventure in home education!

Have a blessed day,

Mrs. Gore

p.s. please share this news with your homeschooling friends! The more the merrier…

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