La Madeleine Musings

I DO love coming to you LIVE, today from my favorite country french cafe, La Madeleine…

Across from me is my beloved Mama (said in the French way today), and as she makes underlines in her Bible and plans out her grocery list, I wanted to take a moment to say “Good morning!” to all of you…my old friends, my new friends, and any potential friends who are still lurking about on the perimeter, undecided as to whether or not Mrs. Gore and all of her many words are welcome in their personal inboxes. It is certainly worth mulling over…I talk a LOT. On the internet. Not in real life. You should think long and hard before subscribing to Mrs. Blogs-a-lot.

Anyhow, what is on my heart this morning? I’m glad you asked.


Last night at our Wednesday night prayer meeting, Mr. Gore (my pastor/husband) asked us to share a specific way God had blessed us.

As my brothers and sisters in the faith spoke of the very real and moving ways that God was working among us, personally and corporately, I reflected on my blessings.

Near the top of the very extensive list was…


I’ve shared this before, but it is worth repeating: nearly 2 years ago, in the very same room we were meeting in last night, my husband was preaching and calling on the church to share the gospel with those we meet.

I bowed my head in utter frustration. Do you know who I was meeting with in those days?




My Mom.

My Dad.

My husband.

My church.

The grocer at Wal-mart (who I couldn’t really speak to over the din my children were making after a long shopping trip).

I KNOW the importance of these preschool years, and I KNOW that I am “preaching” the gospel to my children every day in the way I speak to them, love them, discipline them, care for them…

but still. I was frustrated.

Sharing my frustrations with my husband that night, tears pouring down my face, I asked him “WHO am I supposed to be sharing the gospel with?!”

He spoke truth to me, reminding me of my very important role as stay-at-home Mom. But then he also instructed me to pray. To cast these cares on the Lord. To share my heart with my Maker.

I did.

And before long, I sat down one afternoon on a whim (after much encouragement from my brother, Pete, and others to do so), and opening a WordPress account, I wrote my first blog post.

The next day I wrote another one.

The next day I wrote another one.

And another and another and another and another.

And one day, sitting down at the computer, I felt compelled to write simply and solely about the gospel message, and how it has impacted my life.

I was thrilled when 316 people had read it by the end of that week.

316 people had heard the gospel message from my stay-at-home Mom, hermit, homebody voice, the one that had cried out to God for more people to share with that Wednesday night at church.

And with the surprising blog exposure I was met with last week over that silly Magic Mike guy, I have even better news: The gospel message I shared that day, because of your willingness to pass it on, has received 1,923 visitors this past week alone.

And so last night, as I shared that blessing aloud with my church family, my voice was shaking with daring-to-be-shed tears, not because I’m excited to have a “voice” and be heard, not because I have achieved a tiny piece of notoriety, not because I feel validated now that more people are listening to me besides my preschoolers…

I cry because God is real. God is good. God loves His children.

Thank you, dear friends (and yes, even you potential ones!), for being my blessing. As ever, I eat my French pastry in your honor and lift my coffee cup to you, and to the God who has brought us together.

And truly…I’d LOVE to hear how God has blessed you recently. Do share!

21 thoughts on “La Madeleine Musings

  1. We may be your blessing, but you are ours. And isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? Plus, just think of all the people who meet God, or learn a little about Him when they “accidently” find your blog. God is good, and in every part of our lives. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You have such a beautiful way of writing, it is really very encouraging and uplifting. I am one of those “potentials” (found you through pinterest) but with each post I feel I become more of a “real” subscriber (through google reader). Out of the handful of blogs I read, 99% are DIY/decorating blogs. Although I think most of the ones I read are Christians, how refreshing to just hear someone’s genuine words about their faith. I can’t wait to read more!

  3. I’ve felt the same. I too am a pastors wife and am home with our four boys. It can be a very lonely place and I’m still struggling to find friends an a sense of where I belong. We just changed churches and I feel completely useless. Before I played the piano and was my husbands right hand and now I feeling just needed to keep our two youngest quiet. Can’t wait to finally fit in.

  4. I like so many other people found your blog because a friend re-posted your Magic Mike piece and I just want to say I am addicted. I love hearing about your sweet family. I am a new mother to a beautiful 11 week old girl and your love for your children and God is inspiring.

  5. Just lovely. I feel like I am sitting right there with you and Mama (said the french way) ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessings to you and your beautiful family, my Sister in Christ!

  6. I have shared your Gideon story with several and read the Magic Mike post. Good stuff. God has blessed you with a way with words. Seems like God has said something about “words” and the power of such a concept. See Gen.1 and John 1 for insight on “words”. Keep posting, blogging or whatever the “words” are that refer to your work. PEACE! Ps.46 jg

  7. What an encouragement your blog is! My husband is pastor of a very small church in a very small town and uses the Internet to encourage others. This blog was a great encouragement to him. Thank you for your obedience and thank God for your gift of communication.

  8. I was blessed this morning, not with an outing with my Mama, but my sister! It was a day filled with shopping and stories and just sweet togetherness.

  9. Hello again, God is constantly blessing me. Recently, I have been trying to figure a lot of personal things out and discovering things along the way. If you read my blog, you would notice this. I have been through a lot emotionally since I was a child.I believe that my personal struggles and pain will help me find God’s purpose for my life. He has given me the desire to help people and to travel. Even though I feel completely lost right now about what to do with my life or how to make that happen, I always knew there’s something more for me. I knew it after my preacher mentioned the lady in the Bible that touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. Reading your blog gives me hope that all my prayers will be answered according to His purpose. Thank you! You’re a blessing to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Write on!!

  10. 316, get it? Like 3:16!!! Pretty cool. I joined your blog because a friend posted your Magic Mike comments and they so encouraged me. I was gรดing out of town and that blog was the perfect ‘I love you’ note to print and leave on my husband’s pillow. Thank you for being a blessing and encouragement!

  11. I followed your blog immediately after reading the Magic Mike post. I ended an engagement in March and am currently single and am working on loving God and myself before I try dating again. I used some of your attributes on the Magic Mike article to start my list of must haves in my future husband. I love reading your inspiring posts, they motivated me to start my own blog as well.

  12. Dear Mrs. Gore,
    I am terrified, like sobbing panic attack, terrified of driving in thunder storms. So this past week I had to drive home from work through the worst part of a storm. It was going to last hours and it was either drive through or sleep in my office.
    Suddenly, I thought of something. God never gives us something we cannot deal with. He was having that thunderstorm pass over my drive home, because there MUST have been someone else driving that night who could not have dealt with it on their own drive home.
    This reassurance in God’s confidence in ME was overwhelming and from now on I think I will be able to drive through the storms without tears. Because God is giving someone else a break because He knows I can handle it.

    How cool is that?!

    • WAY COOL!! God is able to deliver us from all our fears. ALL OF THEM. 1 Peter 5:6-7. KEEP TRUSTING!! PEACE! jg

  13. I thank the Lord for a fb friend (former student of mine as a 1st grader….now a married mother of 4!) who posted your blog about “Magic Mike”….introducing me to your blog! What a blessing and encouragement you are. Yes, God has certainly given you a mission field through your blog. Praise the Lord!

  14. You don’t know me, but a friend shared your “Magic Mike” post on Facebook and I have fallen in love with your writing and your heart for the Lord. My husband and I are coming up on our first anniversary and sometimes I forget how blessed we are. He works in full time ministry at our church and as a middle school teacher at a small Christian school. The salary is small, and it makes day to day living a battle to trust the Lord. But as you stated above – God is good and He does love His children! I assure you that you have no idea how deeply your posts have encouraged me. I pray that you continue sharing your heart and praising our God for His goodness and mercy. You are light and salt to those around you. Many blessings, Laura โค

  15. You asked how God has blessed us yet I do not think the internet is large enough for me to list the blessings our family has received for just this first half of 2012 let alone the years before. So I would like to just list one ongoing blessing that I stand in thankfulness of today.

    Both my husband and I work full time jobs, I am also a college student and work with the children in my church. We have two awesome children, both are now young adults and serving God daily in their personal lives and in their church. Though both are working and we have been paying our bills it is many times a juggle but God has given us wisdom so it works. Four weeks ago my husband came home early and called me at work to let me know he no longer had a job. Since I am the one to face the bank and pay the bills (his preference, our agreement) my breath held just long enough to hear God say ‘It’s ok.’ Over the past several months He has been teaching me that He takes care of His children no matter what and even though, many times, we do not see how he is doing so. His word is truth. Over the past four weeks we have paid our bills, we have eaten healthily, and God has given us assurance that He has something better coming for my husband. Just as important as the financial blessing God has given us is the peace and calmness He has given to our house through this and some other life altering changes going on. Our God is great and our God is so good. I am blessed.

    Thank you also for your witness on this site. You are also a blessing that God has bestowed on us (the internet crowd) May His blessings continue in your home as well.

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