A Happy May Day Story.

A blog bouquet for you, dear friend!

Since it would be impossible to drop a surprise basket of flowers off at your door this morning, I’ll tell you a funny story instead…

When Mr. Gore and I were in our first year of marriage, we lived in a tiny apartment on the beautiful grounds of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Money was scarce, but life was incredibly sweet, each gift truly cherished and appreciated.

Although our budget was extremely tight, my husband did his best to provide for me the life I was accustomed to, but as you well know, he had some pretty big shoes to fill, as my Mom is the queen of holidays and gift-giving.

Thus, when she called him on May 1st and told him that I would be expecting a basket of May Day flowers, he accepted her words as a grave reality and immediately called my brother, Jerry, who lived just down the hill from us.

“Did you know today is May Day?” Chris asked him.

“What’s May Day?” Jerry asked.

Chris explained, and when Jerry learned that Chris would be buying flowers for me, he knew it was inescapable…he had to buy flowers for my sister-in-law, Amy, too.

So to the store they scrambled to find what they could.

But as they were out and about, my Dad called Jerry to see what he was up to.

“We’re buying May Day flowers for Lesley and Amy.” he told him.

“What’s May Day?” my Dad asked.

“I don’t really know…but I do know Mom will be expecting some flowers!” Jerry warned him.

Now my Dad, too, was on a flower chase, knowing he couldn’t possibly return home from work without a basket of May Day flowers.

Later that day, when Mr. Gore came through our door with a beautiful basket of flowers, I gasped. They were gorgeous. And absolutely unexpected!

“What is this for?!” I exclaimed.

“For May Day.” he replied matter-of-factly.

“…What’s May Day?’ I asked, voice full of wonder.

I had never even heard of it.

But I LIKED it.

Amy, my Mom and I were all thrilled to get flowers that day…

And Mr. Gore, seeing my delight, was thrilled to have yet another annual holiday to worry about, thanks to his dear mother-in-law! 


Happy May Day! There’s still time, you know ~ perhaps you could surprise someone with a basket of flowers on their doorstep. Or do the world a favor and at least call your son-in-law to tell him it is CRUCIAL that he buy your daughter some flowers. In the end, you might end up with a basket yourself!

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