A Very Gideon Birthday Party, Part 2

~ Gideon’s 5th birthday party, continued ~

After the big kickball game, pizza was served and the children were allowed to head to the “photo booth” for dress-up and mustache photo ops. Even before mustaches were all the rage, Gid was a devoted fan, coming downstairs with a different (and well-matched) mustache for every costume and so I knew he would find this part of the party particularly entertaining. After that, we had to hurry and blow out the candles and open presents before the sun went down on our party!

Anna the kitty-cat and Gideon the dragon

that dragon hat has been with us for many years and has served us well

Gabbie gets fitted for a mustache

Kate Belle as a little policewoman

Miss Sunday was too busy eating pizza to make it to the photo booth, but she did enjoy her supper with a coonskin cap on

Abigail and Katy as superheroes

and Gideon the 5-year old saves the day!

the superhero costume was definitely a crowd favorite - here, Anna and Gabbie take their turn.

"Mom!" Gid exclaimed. "This 'root deer' makes me look like a REAL cowboy!"

so of course we shoo'ed him over to the photo booth. Put down that bottle and you'll stray no more, little cowboy...

Precious girls Jamie and Gabbie make beautiful cowgirls!

blowing out the candles (that the wind didn't already blow out!)

Gideon adored his volcano cakes, so much that he had a broken-hearted meltdown and chunked his fork across the yard when one of the little girls spilled Root Beer on his plate. When we got him calmed down (and scolded) and fixed up with a new cake, he said "I'm moving to the big kid table" and left the oblivious toddlers behind.

Kate Belle enjoys a chocolate-dipped S'more

Rebekah and Kate sat on the blanket with the other children as Gid opened his presents, but every once in awhile, they couldn't contain themselves and rushed forward to see what he got!

and my favorite photo of the day - after Gideon learned that Rebekah picked out his orange Pterodactyl all by herself, he spontaneously embraced her. And I died a little...

my Mom peddles the treats off to young Jackson

Anna liked the icing on her cupcake especially well.

one thing is sure...I will never EVER forget this special birthday party. I adore you, Gideon, even though you continue to grow up on me when I tell you everyday to STOP!

our holiday chalkboard, dedicated to Gid the Kid

Yes, indeed…5 years old is awfully AWFULLY big.

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