Mrs. Gore’s Diary gets Interrupted

The New Year is upon us, and no one loves a good resolution like I do.

Thus, I hereby resolve to begin a new section on my blog that shall go by the fancy title of…

Mrs. Gore’s Bookclub for Those Interested in Reading a Book with Mrs. Gore that She Picks Out Because She is Bossy and a Brat and Because this is Her Blog.

But we’ll just call it Mrs. Gore’s Bookclub.

On January 1st or shortly thereafter, we will begin reading Jen Hatmaker’s outstanding book “Interrupted.” All joking aside, this book could very well change your life – it certainly did mine. Jen’s journey so closely mirrors my own, but she is about 5 thousand million steps ahead, blazing a path that both thrills and terrifies me ~ I feel very much like I am the girl she used to be. And today she is absolutely the type of woman that I want to become.

This book chronicles how her normal American church life got totally flipped upside down, and serves as a major wake-up call to those of us who have somehow confused the American Dream with the Great Commission. It also acts as a great precursor to her upcoming book release “7:  An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess”, another book I will certainly be featuring on my blog and in Mrs. Gore’s Bookclub in the very near future. Perhaps we will even go through the “experiment” together sometime in 2012.

Anyhow, it would absolutely thrill my heart to know you will be reading alongside me.

All you have to do right this instant is order the book. (click on the book below to purchase it at Amazon):

Next, make it official by subscribing to this blog so that you can receive updates and leave comments and questions when the time comes.

Then, when your book arrives in the mail, set it on your nightstand and await your next instructions. I’ll try to give you a couple of weeks to procure your copy of the book, but do hurry. (Told you. I’m bossy!)

I look very much forward to reading with you and receiving your insight in return.

Oh, and welcome to Mrs. Gore’s Bookclub. Won’t it be so nice to hear from someone besides Mrs. Gore?

(Don’t answer that).

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