Out! Out, I say!

So Pinterest hasn’t been a complete waste of my time…

Not only has it kept me occupied as I feed a baby 15 times a day, it has given me a few ideas that I have actually used. Like, I got off of the computer, I purchased the needed supplies and I made stuff! Look at me, being all crafty and do-it-yourselfy!

Aside from that, it has given me lots of funny stories to tell in small talk, as well as a few quotations to mull over while I’m making my crafts. One, in particular, has been on my mind the last couple of days:

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”

Nathaniel Hawthorne

First of all, did Nathaniel Hawthorne really say that? I don’t know, and as Pinterest is a quick-moving machine of endless delight, I didn’t take the time to find out. I did pause long enough, however, to inwardly say most vehemently “Well…yes! I cannot endure it either, Mr. Hawthorne.” And right then and there, I made a decision to take full advantage of these beautiful “autumnal” days before they are frigidly defeated by winter.

Which means that, rather than spending our mornings cooped up until lunchtime, me and these children of mine are busting free and basking in the great outdoors. No toys, no distractions, no technology. Just us, some dirt, some leaves, some rocks, some ponds, some sticks and some made-up games here and there. Oh…and some coffee. For me, not them.

So far, it has been glorious.

But it might mean that you will see a tiny bit less of Mrs. Gore in the next couple of weeks. When ol’ man winter steals our “autumnal sunshine”, I assure you, I’ll put a movie on for the kiddos and I’ll come and blog alllllll about our adventures, with gusto and photos and maybe even poetry! Being outside when the leaves are turning can turn just about anyone into a poet.

I encourage you to follow our example and get off your computer and…take a hike!

(but come back soon).


p.s. I have great plans for this website, but until then, I am sharing lots of  recipes and gift ideas on my facebook page. Type “Mrs. Gore’s Diary” in the search box on facebook, “like” the page and then “like” one of the statuses or posts to receive regular updates in your newsfeed.

2 thoughts on “Out! Out, I say!

  1. Would you believe that very quote was posted on the door to my bathroom stall at Mt. Magazine State Park in Arkansas this past weekend? I’d say that lends some credibility to the source! 😉

    • I’m a little behind on my comments, but I had to come and tell you how funny I thought this was! Yes, if it was on Pinterest AND a bathroom stall, it must be true. Thanks for the verification.

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