A Big, Fat, Happy Thank You Letter

I shared some happy news with my facebook “family” (oh geeze that is so sad…) this week, and since it has so much to do with you…that’s right, YOU!…I might as well continue the celebration here on the blogeroo.


“10,000 what?” you ask.

Well, I’ll tell you. Mrs. Gore’s Diary has had 10,000 visits since its creation in January.

On the one hand, I am a bit embarrassed to share it, because I know that a truly successful writer would probably have that many hits on a good day…

On the same hand, I am a bit embarrassed to share it because it makes me sound like a self-indulgent braggart to make public my secret “site stats”.

But on the other hand, I am so thrilled and unembarrassed to share it that I have posted the news on facebook and then here for the entire world to possibly see. Oh yeah, and I probably called a few people.

Because, to be frank…I’m stinkin’ excited!

And not just because I’m a self-indulgent braggart.

I distinctly remember a Wednesday night prayer meeting last Fall. My husband was calling on the church to think of people we could not only pray for, but share the gospel with, and as I sat there in my pew, elbows on my knees, brow furrowed, trying to think of ONE such person, I could feel myself becoming more and more distressed and confused by the second.

“Who?” I thought to myself. “There has to be someone…”

The lady down the street? With a baby in my tummy and a 4- and 2-year old under my roof, I couldn’t seem to get down the street, or even make it to the mailbox to check the mail.

My relative? It was a major victory calling the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment without the background racket of my preschoolers drowning out the conversation. Plus, what would I say? “Hi Uncle So-and-so! If you were to die tonight…”

The cashier at Wal-Mart? Uh…no. Every mom knows that the check-out line is when it all comes crashing down, one child kicking their legs in the shopping cart, the other rolling in the floor begging for those stupid toy cell phones underneath the batteries and chapstick. (Thanks a million, Wal-Mart).

I knew in my heart that life for the mother of small children is different, a season of hibernation, if you will, a unique time in life when you’re just doing your best to keep your little ones alive and fed. I also knew that, for better or worse, I was sharing the gospel with my small children every moment of every day, a calling as important and needed as any.

Still yet, I was frustrated. How could I really accomplish “the Great Commission” when I couldn’t seem to make it out of my house with matching shoes on?!

Sharing my concerns with my husband that night, I was instructed, as usual, to pray. To ask God to bring people into my life. To share my desire with the only One who could answer. To cast my cares upon Him.

I had no idea what a surprise and what a gift and what a blessing His response would be…

Mrs. Gore’s Diary.

Through this silly little blog, created one quiet afternoon in January on what I thought was a whim, the lady that couldn’t think of ONE person to share the gospel with last Fall has received e-mails from people requesting prayer, people confessing past hurts and pains and people asking questions about Jesus.

Through this silly little blog, I have connected with other young mothers in the same boat with me, training ourselves to see what we do as significant and God-ordained.

Through this silly little blog, I have been given an audience that motivates and inspires me to work hard at writing every day, honing a long-coveted craft that always seemed out-of-reach before.

And through this silly little blog, I have learned to cherish, to remember, and to record the sweetest moments in life, the ordinary and simple ones that point to a very loving and gentle and constant Father.

Through this silly little blog, I received an answer to my heartfelt prayers!!

And that astounds me.

That is why I am so excited by the number 10,000. Here, in my little house while everyone sleeps, I get the blessed opportunity to share with anyone who will listen that my God is good and kind and real. I get to show you how He answers the prayers of an insignificant nobody. I get to confess my sins to you and show you how He is faithful to forgive and sanctify me. And then, of course, I get to tell you funny stories about Gideon…

And this is where you come in:

Thank you, so much, for listening. When I started this, I truly believed my only visitors would be my Mom, my husband, a handful of family members and a random stray every now and again. Thus I am deeply touched and humbled by every word of encouragement you’ve given me, every e-mail you’ve sent, every “like” on facebook…

Having an “audience” has finally made me feel like I could do this writing thing! You’ve given me practice, and motivation, and a work ethic that I have every hope will one day lead to a published children’s book. Or at least an article in Oklahoma Living (just keepin’ it real…).

I never dreamed that God would so quickly answer my prayers, and in such a fun and gratifying way – I even had the thrill this week of receiving an international subscriber, a young “mum” from the UK!

I’ve said it before, and I hope to say it until my voice runs out: God is good. His mercies endure forever.

I love you, 10,000. Which, roughly translated means…

I love you, 100 who have visited 100  times. Which, roughly translated means…

I love you, Mom and Chris and Grandmother and Pete and Jennifer and Amy and Jerry and Matt and Kaci and Amanda and Uncle Fred and Aunt Elsie and Leslie and Leslie and Olivia and Erika and Charlotte and Louie and Aunt Patsy and Aunt Susan and Aunt Bea and Aunt Wanda and Brother Shawn and Cheryl and Megan and Brian and Dawn and Ashley and Elizabeth and Hannah and Chris and Amy and Lindsay and Sharon and Sara and Terri and Nancy and Deidre and Naomi and Bobbi and Angela and Pat and Howard and Natalie and Dana and Chrissy and Vern and Brooke and Stefanie and Stacy and Michelle and Christy and Kim and Meagan and Caedee and Tammy and Linda and Yamei and Kristy and Trisha and Manoah and Cathi and Phyllis and Jan and Clinton and Kathy and Randy and Selena and Tabitha and Pam and Susan and Kandi and Melissa and Patti and Rachel and Vicki and Brother Britt and other Leslie and Jessica and Wendy and Stephanie and Kalie and Tricia and Danielle and Amber and Trudy and Allison and Leah and Katie and Katie and Katie and Glenda and Riki and Jesse and Megan and Kara and Kodi and Kerri and Mary and Lisa and Amie and Cindy and everyone-else-who-is-too-far-back-on-my-facebook-wall-to-find-that-also-liked-or-commented-on-my-posts. Phew!

But you get the point, right? I love you.

And I have been so happy to find that the God of the universe is not mean or cruel or distant. He is near, He hears our prayers and He condescends to weave tales of kindness into the lives of sorry sinners. Let me just say it one more time (today): He is good. His mercies endure forever.


Because of all of the above, I am in the mood to celebrate. So this week, I will be launching a facebook page solely for Mrs. Gore’s Diary…

Many of you have asked my permission to share this blog with others; the answer always has been and always will be “yes!”. The internet is a painfully public forum and so I only share things here that I am comfortable with being public. This facebook page will be an easy way for me to separate my private life with my public writings, and will give you an easy way to pass it on should you wish to. Which, I have to admit, would make Mrs. Gore very happy!

4 thoughts on “A Big, Fat, Happy Thank You Letter

  1. So happy for you Mrs. Gore! I enjoy your blog immensely and you reach people in the way that God has blessed you with…with your writing. Yay!

  2. Hip Hip Hurray for Mrs. Gore. Your postings are a topic of conversation for the girls and I on many occasions. How beautiful is our God and how happy He is to bless His children with exciting gifts that are crazy fun and beyond inspiring that promote His LOVE and DESIRES. It’s amazing to walk it out and that is what you are experiencing and I’m sooooo happy for you and all of US!!!! Yayyyy….GOD WE LOVE YOU!!!!! And I love Leslie!

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