This is Why We Do it

We make lists – things to do, things to buy, things to make.

We find coordinating clothes and spend the last of our “egg money” to buy them.

We spend days cleaning.

We stay up late, manning the steady stream of baked goods that are going in and out of the oven, feet aching underneath us.

We rack our brains in order to pack our bags with every possible need.

We load them up and drive them to the fun, unloading them and all the things we might need to make our outing a success.

We decorate the house in appropriate colors and themes, and search for the perfect trinkets, foods and songs to commemorate each occasion.

We sweat, people. (And some of us really hate to sweat).


Because someday, at some 4th of July fireworks display on a balmy summer night, the hand of your four-year old son might rest on your leg for a brief moment and the following words might come from his mouth:

“This is the best day I’ve ever had, Mom…thanks.”

Gulp. Yep. That is why we do it.

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