If I Only Had a Brain…

You remember that post about Momnesia?

(I’ll make it easy for you…https://mrsgoresdiary.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/the-momnesiac-chronicles/)

Well, since bringing baby #3 home, my condition has reached new and uncharted heights and I cannot be counted on to successfully do much of anything but feed a baby every three hours and hug my oldest kids everytime they walk by.

For instance, twenty minutes before a huge party I was hosting began, my sister-in-law found me organizing the stationery in my drawer. She snapped me out of my stupidity and I was able to run and fix my hair before the guests arrived to find me in the rumpled french braids I slept in the night before.

Likewise, I keep making the long trek into the kitchen to add an item to my grocery list, but by the time I get there, I have completely forgotten what it might even possibly be…

Or I absentmindedly eat the kids breakfast as I am walking into the next room to deliver it to them…

Or I respond to the simple question of “What’s your baby’s name?” with a long, embarrassing “Uhhhhh…” before triumphantly saying “Bestsie! Her name is Betsie.” (and this is not when I am not calling her ‘Abigail’, ‘Rebekah’, or my personal favorite, ‘Rebetsie’.)…

Or I call my husband and after our ‘hellos’ I ask what he needed – after a long pause, I say “Oh…did I call you?”…


I come to write a blog post and I am met with the same results over and over again: 1. I start a new post but get sleepy and confused about two paragraphs in, or 2. I work on an old post, but by the time I reread it to get back in the right frame of mind, I have fallen asleep, even though my little lamp is shining in my face and I am sitting Indian-style on my bed.

Which would explain why I have 40 incomplete drafts sitting in my blog’s hidden lair.

All that to say this…I know from experience that the old Mrs. Gore will soon and very soon make a temporary recovery. I say “temporary” because I also know from experience that with said recovery comes the inevitable and inexplicable longing to start this whole process over again and have another baby.


So what I’m saying is, I have lost my mind but for good cause (Betsie is more than worth the inconvenience), and I have 4o posts to share with you after my brain comes back to me. In the meantime, I only have the mind capacity to wish you a wonderful day, and before I fall asleep, I just want you to thank each and every one of you for…

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (don’t talk to me, I’m sleeping).

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