Support Your Local Jewelry-Maker

Olivia Pearl has always been an interesting character in my life…in high school, she was a hardcore basketball player, something that I did not understand, and I was a goofy and glittery cheerleader, something that she did not understand. She was younger than me, my best friend’s little sister, and although we ran in the same circle through our shared church family, our friendship was probably not the deepest on the planet.

In all honesty, even though I always enjoyed being around her and thought she was hilarious, I had no idea what a true gem she was.

Thankfully, as my adolescent ego began to wane, I began to notice that there was more to this girl than I had given her credit for — she easily loved God more than I did, she had artistic gifts that I was completely unaware of, and she possessed so many praiseworthy traits that were worth observing and imitating. Since then, I have learned much by watching her and have been captured by her forthright personality, her transparency, her creativity, and most importantly, by her devotion to know God better. A pastor’s daughter, and now a minister’s wife, she has encouraged me and challenged me and prayed for me as I am walking through a life that she knows very well. She is my friend and my sister in the faith, and even though she still likes basketball and I would have no problem joining a ladies-past-their-prime cheerleading squad, our current like-mindedness and unspoken understanding is a balm to my soul.

And so I was thrilled when I saw that Olivia, now a newlywed living in California, had started a blog that featured her creative undertakings and I was even more thrilled when I learned that she would be selling her vintage-inspired jewelry on Etsy. So thrilled that I simply had to have a piece of it for Rebekah’s 2nd birthday…

We discussed (via facebook) the idea in early May, but then time got away from me; two weeks before the birthday party, I finally sent her Rebekah’s wrist measurement and gave her a vague idea of what I would want on her custom bracelet.

And here is what I was talking about yesterday when I mentioned the advantages of shopping “local” (yes, Olivia lives in California, but I shopped at her store in my home office! And she’s always a local in my book), with people you know and respect and who know and care about you, in return…

On Rebekah’s actual birthday, four days before her party, I opened my mailbox to find a surprise. Somehow, someway, Olivia had managed to make the bracelet, to package it in the cutest box ever and to magically land it in our mailbox on Rebekah’s special day. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so I’m just going to shush up now and let my sister-in-law’s photography (another post for another day) do the talking:

That box is definitely a keeper! Plus, I didn't have to wrap it myself...

When your friends are as whimsical as you are, their gift wrapping will most certainly match your birthday party!

a "Miss Sunday" bracelet for our Miss Sunday, complete with a pearl birthday charm. Perfect!

"I love it!" she said. And she can't even read.

My baby girl's very first piece of jewelry, made with love by a lady we love. Everybody's a winner!

To get an even closer look at this most special and fitting bracelet, follow this link to Olivia’s Etsy store: And while you’re at it, take a look at her other creations, available for purchase (or custom order). And when you’re done with that, take a stroll over to her blog…

Obviously, supporting your local jewelry-maker is a fulfilling and satisfactory endeavor, resulting in happy friends, happy jewelers, happy Mamas and most of all, happy birthday girls.

Just ask Miss Sunday.

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