Hey, I really AM resolved…

~ a most surprising resolution conclusion ~

Well I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I am a blogging machine.

My Mom thinks I have started the nesting phase of this pregnancy, but am for some reason applying it to writing instead of closet organization. She knows about my nesting habits…we lived with her and my Daddy when I was pregnant with Gideon (and Rebekah, now that I’m thinking of it), and I stayed up one night emptying all of her picture frames and then filing her outdated photographs in her filing cabinet. Since she has not been pregnant since 1981 with no nesting phases of her own, and since I quickly moved on to organizing her bookshelves and movie collection, all of the picture frames I emptied are still empty and in a random box in one of her closets. Sorry, Momma…my intentions were good.

Hmmm, actually, I don’t think I had any intentions…nesters are in a state of auto-drive, cleaning prodigies who go into a trance and wake up to find they just scrubbed 300 square feet of grout with a toothbrush. And then baby comes, and the nest goes to pot.

Which makes me afraid that once this third child enters my world, I will go back to the mindless fog that I am usually in and you will hear from me no more. I am sure the three of you will miss me very much.

But maybe writing is not the only facet of this baby’s nesting phase, for I just had to share with you – all three of you – that my resolution list, ridiculous as it was, actually did some good…

I woke up yesterday morning, had my coffee, published a post, washed and make-upped, threw decent clothes on myself and the children and headed to the church to aid my Mom in cleaning the sanctuary. To be more economic, our small church decided to handle all janitorial duties ourselves, and so my Mom volunteered to vacuum our main meeting room every week, tidy up the pews, pick up the trash, and so on. The two of us are also our church’s Decorating Committee, which is humorous, because neither of us know the first thing about dealing with fake flowers, and we habitually find ourselves trying to keep up with the seasons. Which is why yesterday, our focus was on finally getting the Christmas greenery and lights down from the ceiling…

Two points of failure, I did not read my Bible yesterday morning, and I did eat a package of Dunkin’ Sticks for breakfast once I got to the church. But two points of justification, I did grab the Daily Bible Reading Guide (the one I forgot to pick up on Sunday) when I was at the church, aaaaand I did not eat one chocolate OR powdered donut all day long. Nor did I eat the Twinkie I was tempted to stuff in my mouth when I first shuffled into the kitchen, stomach yapping at me like it was full of hungry piranhas. Nor did I have any food in any of my pockets all day long. The Dunkin’ Sticks just happened…and they were so very worth it. They are just what the front of their package says, “Bakery Classics.” YUM.

By the time I put the children down for their nap that afternoon, my Mom and I had put away the last of the Christmas decorations, replaced them with our church’s Spring decor, vacuumed not only the carpet in the sanctuary, but the pews, found 27 cents under the cushions to put in the offering plate, and dusted all of the windowsills, pianos, the pulpit and the Lord’s Supper table. No need to applaud, we’re just heroic volunteers doing what little we can for the sake of the Lord…

and OH how tempting it was to come downstairs after tucking my chicks in, crawl into bed and rest my aching feet and my aching back. And so I only did so for about twenty minutes. No, make that forty.

Which made it doubly hard to get back up again, but once I worked the cobwebs out of these old pregnant bones, I kicked it into high gear doing just what I said I was going to do, shipping this filthy house into shape! Floors swept, floors mopped, furniture dusted, twenty billion misplaced items placed, pantry organized, laundry sorted, and somehow, I still had time to hold Gideon through an episode of Paula’s Best Dishes and Jake and the Neverland Pirates and have a family ball-throwing fight upstairs before we said our goodnights. After that, I uploaded and organized pictures, tidied up from supper and took a nice, long shower. (Without that last step in my day, you would be able to smell my exhaustion from your computer!! Sooooo tired…)

But the most beautiful part of my day came as I was checking my facebook notifications to find that my Mom had noticed my resolutions were being followed and that I had added something to my day that I was completely unaware of. She responded to a friend’s comments on yesterday’s resolution post with the following:

I saw it with my own eyes, Charlotte…A very shiny living room, dining area, AND it had on socks, too! Big changes are coming…

Did you heard that?? She called me an “it”! I don’t blame her after all my talk of having a donut pocket, and her statement causes me to literally “laugh out loud”…but the beautiful part is that I had socks on! And I didn’t even realize it. My resolutions must have melded themselves into my brain, causing me to take those socks out of the drawer and put them on my yet-to-be-Ped-egged feet.

But three friends, tired as I was last night, I can’t tell you how wonderful and satisfying it was to wake up this morning, walk into a sparkly clean kitchen to pour my coffee from my freshly cleaned coffeepot and return to my bed where I read wonderful and convicting words from the book of John. And I only ate two Dunkin’ Sticks as I read…

Baby steps, right? Now off with this computer, and on to the work!

5 thoughts on “Hey, I really AM resolved…

  1. so lovely to read.I so enjoy this. doughnuts in the pocket was great,dunkin sticks for breakfast..thats for champs,but fruit and nut bar would of been so much better!!LOL….keep blogging..bless you…

  2. If it makes you feel like you are working when you aren’t, after reading your post yesterday, I got up from in front of the space heater (where I have been living ALL winter) and cleaned too..but I still didn’t get dressed or fix my hair..bummer.

    • were they as good as they sounded? I have to admit, I’m having withdrawals…I like to just eat one or two in the morning while I make my REAL breakfast. And I’m glad I inspired someone else to clean – yes, that DOES make me feel like I was working. Let me know when you clean again so I can sit and relax while you work for me.

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