A “Dressy” Photo Shoot

In the summer 0f 2011, as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do for Rebekah’s 2-year old pictures, my sister-in-law, Amy (also the photographer) had a BRILLIANT idea. After noticing that, from cousin’s hand-me-downs and Grandparental generosity, Rebekah had a new sundress on every time she saw her, she thought it would be fun to take a picture of Rebekah in all of her best outfits, one right after the other.

Setting her up in the same location for each picture, we donned her in a different outfit and taught her a different pose.

It was great fun, although Amy and I were both drenched with sweat and exhaustion by the time we had changed a wiggly (and sometimes “sleeping”) toddler into a closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories.

So fun. Sort of easy. And we were done in a couple of hours, and never left my house. And the best part is, we not only memorialized Rebekah as a 2-year old, but I now have a catalogue of all the things she wore (and can feel free to pass them on to someone else rather than keep trunks and trunks of clothes in our attic).

(Nope. I just changed my mind. There’s no way I’m giving these clothes up).

Someday, we plan on creating a framed print of all of these pics lined up next to each other. Someday…

Now…Mrs. Gore does not endorse the purchasing of so many clothes for a 2-year old, but…if it happens, you might as well capture the cuteness on camera, right? Thanks to everyone who helped make Rebekah’s 2-year old wardrobe a success (I’m talking to you, Grandmother and Grandma and Amy and Aunt Susan). And, as ever, a super special heaping of praise for Amy, who gives of her time and photographic talent so generously. I will cherish these pictures (and this day) for the rest of my life.


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a little girl's photo shoot featuring all of her favorite dresses - so fun!!