So glad you decided to stop by ~ do come again!

Mrs. Gore’s Diary is a glimpse into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gore, where everyday is a new adventure in marriage, parenting, pastoring, pregnancy, housekeeping, cooking, shopping, and someday, homeschooling and gardening. But that’s all…

2 thoughts on “So glad you decided to stop by ~ do come again!

  1. leslie gore…i met you yesterday at w.s. with your mother…
    two incredible women i was privileged to have crossed my path…
    your blog is outstanding for so many reasons…mostly for the love of family
    that is so prevalent!!!
    thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of home and family…
    what beautiful children…the memories they will carry with them the rest
    of their lives…
    it really is your party and there is no reason to cry, leslie gore, just enjoy
    your happiness!!!!

    the pleasure was all mine, sharon lalande

    the only part i still question is the regis philbin(sp?) drooling…

    • Sharon!!! You did it! You found me AND left a comment. 🙂 I’m so proud!

      We had the absolute best time talking to you that night – you have a gift of kindness that just touched my soul and made us feel so welcome and happy. Besides, how many girls get their own serenade when they’re buying spatulas? What fun!

      Thank you for your sweet compliments here – you gave me a boost and a great big smile.

      I’ll be in again soon to do some shopping – I hope to see you then! God bless you, dear lady!

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