The Wassup Chronicles – Vol. 1

Welcome to “The Wassup Chronicles”, where I tell you what’s up in my world and…you listen. (but then you get a turn, too, so hang in there!)


Good morning friends!

I have been working on and off for months — MONTHS!! — on a blog post titled “The Mission Statement of Mrs. Gore’s Diary”.

‘Twas one part funny and three parts dramatic and, oh, about five parts explanatory and I worked on it and I worked on it and I worked on it and I put other writings on the backburner and I let it clog up my idea queue and, last night, after pulling it up again for the 35th time since January and still finding it lacking or missing something (or more likely having too much!!), I said…


I’m done with it.

Moving on.

I mean, all it was was my entire manifesto for living, so…whatevs, right? Sometimes writers write for themselves, and I suppose this was one of those instances. I know now what the mission statement of Mrs. Gore’s Diary is, so that’s cool. All 3000 words of it.

All that to say, I’m FREE this afternoon! And, rather than nail myself down to a specific topic (for instance, mission statements), I just want to blab.

So what do you want to talk about?

We could talk about Valentine’s Day. It was probably my least prepared holiday ever, and I’m trying to figure out why. Was it because my mom and Amy were out of town the week before and we didn’t have time to plan our annual party? Was it because I’m still trying to recover, somehow, from Christmas? Was it because my heart just wasn’t in it?

I don’t know, really. But I learned something: you can prepare for weeks to have a holiday or you can prepare the morning of, and chances are, your kids are going to have a blast. By the time they came to the breakfast table on the morn of the 14th, we had a pretty table set, and festive donuts, and a little gift at each place. Best of all, the kids got to pass out the cards they had made for each family member the day before, and it was so fun to see what sort of sweet nothings they came up with on their own.

I’m always analyzing the purpose of education, and I discovered yet another reason we should be passionate about the schooling of our children…

so they can make their Valentine cards WITHOUT US!!!

I didn’t even have to make Shepherd’s cards, because his big brother transcribed them for me! (#manny)

All in all, it was a fun day, and the Mister and I even squeezed in a date last night!

Which leads me to the next thing we could talk about, if you’re in a talking mood…

La La Land.


Yesterday was my second viewing of this…this…this…CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE!!!…and I loved it even more the second time around. I so want to really talk to you about this movie but I abhor spoilers and so I can’t. All I can say is:

1. This is the coolest, most suck-your-breath-right-out-of-you-for-two-whole-hours movie.

2. Especially if you are well-acquainted with the old movies — SO many nods to the films of yesteryear, in major ways, but then in manifold subtle ways that just knocked my socks off.

3. Don’t expect a Christian worldview, duh, but this is actually a pretty clean movie. I was shocked by the utter lack of all the things that are routinely shoved down our gullets by Hollywood. THAT SAID, while there are not an immense number of expletives, the ones that are in the movie are like…BAM!!! The kind that make you flinch. I just didn’t want you to tell your hubby that “Mrs. Gore says this is a great movie! Let’s take the KIDS!”

4. I’ve seen the movie twice now and the second viewing was the best. I came away really understanding the film and letting it teach me something rather than trying to make it what I wanted it to be. I realize that’s vague but…just watch the movie. You’ll see.

5. I have a maternal sort of adoration for Emma Stone. I want to make her biscuits and jam for breakfast and tell her not to stay out too late and I also want her to know that she always has a place to come home to. I’m assuming she could afford to add a room on to our house because we don’t have a spare room, so that would just be an added bonus to the adoption.

Which leads me to the next thing we COULD talk about. If you wanna…

Some of my Facebook peeps already know about this, but GUESS. WHAT??

We have a special project in the works at Gore House.

(Doesn’t “Gore House” sound very Halloweeny? Ew. I mean, I like Halloween, you know that, but not the haunted house part of Halloween. Which is totally what “Gore House” sounds like, a haunted house, oooooooooooooooo!!!!)

Anyhow, special project.

The plans have been drawn up. The bids are about to come in. The fundraising has begun.



Oh, man, you know what, we can’t talk about this here. I’m gonna need a full blog post to talk about it. Just…consider this the official teaser trailer, with lots and lots more coming soon to a Gore House near you.


Let’s see, what does that leave for us to discuss? Assuming you’re still listening…

Oh, how about this?

I got bangs in December.

I no longer have bangs in February.

I mean, I still have bangs, but they are long enough to pin back and, although my mom and my kids and my nieces REALLY loved them, and my husband really liked them, and even though I felt cool(ish) again, we have decided to part ways (literally, they’re parted down the middle and subtly pinned to the side).

Why? Because Mrs. Gore ain’t got time for THAT. Did you know that, when I don’t have bangs, I can wash and style my hair and it will last me for three whole days (and then maybe a half-day more with a lil’ dry shampoo, thank you Oscar Blandi)? And when I say “it will last me”, what I mean is that I don’t have to touch it, think about it, or even brush it in between. And did you know that I didn’t know how wonderful this was until I lopped off a whole section of hair atop my forehead and had to deal with it every. single. day.?!

All I had wanted, really, was to look as awesome as #ohhoney. (If you don’t know what all these hashtags mean, you’ve really got to join us at Facebook, pronto!). I’m mean, sure, she’s FIVE, but who cares? Her bangs are DIVINE. She looks like a miniature Jess from “New Girl”. Or a tiny Audrey Hepburn. When she wakes up, they are more or less perfect. And when she’s in the wind, they’re perfect. And when she’s wearing a hat, they’re PERFECT.

(See what I mean? This was after a windy and sweaty morning at Vintage Market Days…)

My bangs, however, were little hair devils that stuck out in a million directions when I woke up in the morning. And when I was in the wind they stuck out in two million directions. And when I wore a hat…just no.

Even worse, somehow, when they weren’t being hair devils and were as en pointe as I needed them to be, they were making me feel vain in church and I seriously thought I was done with that, my sisters.

I’m not kidding, that’s when I really knew they needed to go. Preacher’s wife can’t be feeling vain on a Sunday morning, not when preacherman is bringing the Word to the flock. Get thee behind me, Bangstan.

So, do I regret getting bangs? No I don’t. I’m so glad I tried it. It was fun and exciting and I’m glad I got it out of my system.

Did I like my bangs? Not enough.

Maybe someday, when I have time to wake up and groom myself every morning instead of every third or third-and-a-half morning, I’ll give it another go.

If I’m no longer vain.

(But I probably will be. Even though I won’t know it until I get the bangs.)

Ah, this was a fun talk, and I’m going to try to do it more often. Thanks for listening.

Now tell me, wassup in YOUR life? What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Have you seen La La Land? DO YOU HAVE BANGS?? Are they perfect or are they hair devils? I’m all ears…


7 thoughts on “The Wassup Chronicles – Vol. 1

  1. 1. I am in LUUVV with #ohhoney–AND her bangs!
    2. Sending your review of “La-la Land” to my daughter and son-in-law in LA (He works on a contract basis in the industry out there as a videographer/editor. Film is in his DNA.) He will love your review..
    3. Have missed being in touch with your blog and Facebook page because…I just moved (permanently) to Northwest Arkansas to (a.) be closer to family (b.) get to see my little grandsons more often than 3 times a year ;-/ (c.) sell my home in Cordova before it had little to no value left. The little brick dwelling I liked to call “Rose Cottage” and had put my heart and soul into for 17 years suddenly found itself in a declining neighborhood. Crime was going up, property values down. Regretfully, with tears, I had to leave…and it only made sense to come nearer to family. When I locate my new home, it will be in Siloam Springs, where the grandlittles are, and that’s…right on the Oklahoma line :-).
    4. You will smile: At Thanksgiving, a co-worker (I’m still working remotely via computer for “Love worth Finding Ministries”) decided to take an impromptu road trip with her best friend, and they chose to go to the Pioneer Woman’s store. They arrived almost at closing time on Black Friday. Bonus: she was THERE, and they got a photo with her. ADDED BONUS: Just as the store closes, who walks in but The Marlboro Man! They swooned. I immediately thought of how you’d LOVE that story.

    That’s my whatsup…just a major move to another state…and trying to find a new home where I can settle in. Preferably with a front porch large enough for several rocking chairs, tables, linen cloths, hanging ferns, and potted geraniums. And a fenced-in backyard for the grandlittles.
    A girl’s “reach should exceed her grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”….
    Much love you as always…. ❤

  2. Dear Kindred Spirit, You have touched on so many of the same things I’ve been dealing with in my life! I too, saw and adored LaLaLand! I will see it as many times as I possibly can and hopefully, will one day own it in my video library so I can pull it out whenever I need a dose of wonderful. As for the hair thing. I tried a new style a few months ago. I usually have very short hair. I decided to let it grow into a new style. It was fun, but not that fun. A month or so ago, I went back to a very short, Halle Berry style and I’m absolutely loving it. It always looks great, even when I have a bad hair day. I feel like me again, and I’ve decided that’s enough. I am enough, just as I am and want to be. I have a new book being released this month for kids ages 8-12 called Meet Shelby Culpepper. It’s a squeaky clean book, so parents don’t have to worry about language, violence, or too much romance for young kids. I don’t believe in that nonsense at the preteen age. I also picked up an editing gig for my publisher in the process! Hurray! This stay-at-home mom and grandma is working from home doing what I love. Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my world. Have a fabulous day!

  3. Every time I read your blog, I love you more. I can’t wait till we’re in heaven and I can chat with you for ages…gonna be so fun! Valentines is my birthday so it’s ALWAYS a big deal here, and I don’t even have to do anything!!! Score for the win 😉 Your bangs story had me giggling over here, raising the hub’s eyebrows 😆

  4. Aww, I loved this post!
    Our Valentine’s was also vastly less prepared for than most years, though we’ve never done anything as fancy at your parties. But, like yours this year, it was lovely and festive and the children loved it! Best story of the day…we were opening Valentine’s and gifts in our bed with everyone piled in and my husband gave me a candy bar, which I opened and shared a small bite with anyone who wanted to try. I dutifully put the rest of my bedside table to enjoy later all by my lonesome. Enter precocious two year old boy who propped himself up on my pillows and proceeded to enjoy a portion of the rest of my candy before I caught him in the act. It was adorable, but I did want some of my candy for myself!
    Yes, I’ve done bangs. And half way thru last summer I decided they had to go! They were super fun, but I agree with your summary…too vain-making and way too much trouble!
    Now I want to see that movie! 😉 I had a more than slight obsession with old musicals as a kid/teenager…
    Thanks for sharing wassup!

  5. Dear, sweet Mrs. Gore! I have been reading your blog for about 3 years and this will be my first comment. I had bangs for the last 7 months…they now live in a bobby pin until they grow up and learn to cooperate. It’s like a time out for dragon hairs…my version of devil hairs.
    See here for my inspiration:

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