Mrs. Gore Likes: Hearthsong’s Deluxe Platform Swing

This past weekend, we arrived at my parents house to find a surprise hanging from the trees.

Last year, my Mom had experienced one of these swings at my Aunt Susan’s house, and she just couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was and how amazing it was and how badly she wanted to find a couple…

so we sat down one afternoon last month and finally purchased them.

And now I finally get her enthusiasm.

Without further wordage, I present to you the Platform Swing from Hearthsong, the FUNNEST SWING I have ever…swung…swang?…swing-ded?…from.

For reals.

p.s. the following photographs are candid and genuine and were not taken for this blog post; rather, they inspired this blog post! Special thanks to my sister-in-law, Amy, for capturing the fun!


When you first load up, you have no idea how great it is…


and then you find yourself screaming your face off in delight!!


You can swing with your friends…





or quite alone (and go REALLY high!)…


you can swing if you’re young…


you can swing if you’re old(er)…




and, if you’re anything like us, you can swing all. day. long.

At some points, the kids were swinging high and laughing shrilly, and at others, they were lounging hammock-like, just staring at the trees.




But just between you and me, I’m convinced no one loved the swings more than I did…

When I backed into one and laid down, I was expecting it to be fun, but I had no idea how awesome it would be. One of my quirks is that I react really loudly on amusement park rides and during those interactive 3-D rides; thus, when my Daddy pulled me back in this swing and let go, the following words came bellowing out of my mouth: “OH MY GOSH, I’M FLYING!! I’M FLYYYYYIIIIIIIINNNNGGGG!! I FEEL LIKE A GIANT BABY! I’M LIKE A GIANT BABY IN A CRADLE! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!! I COULD DO THIS ALL DAYYYY!!!!!”

Glad no one was around with a video camera.

And I can’t WAIT until I can cozy up on one of these with a good book and a long afternoon of nothin’. I’m convinced such a day is in my future!

Anyhow, by the end of our second day with the swings, my mom and I agreed that this must be the closest thing to flying that a kid (or an easily impressed adult) can ever feel.

They aren’t cheap, but if your summer budget allows, hurry! Buy one! And if it doesn’t, start saving up. You won’t be sorry!

Find yours by clicking on the picture below:


A few more things: Do your research before hanging. You need a very sturdy tree with big, sturdy limbs, or something very secure to hang it from, and hardware to hang it with. Also of note: We’ve only had ours for a weekend. I cannot attest to how long they will last, or how many injuries might come from them or how soon we’re going to stretch them out with our (my) postpartum girth. I’ll let you know…


About “Mrs. Gore Likes”: This blog is not a money-making endeavor, but since I enjoy sharing resources, I signed up to be an Amazon Associate, wherein I have the ability to share products and books and receive a small commission from anyone who shops at Amazon through my links (even if they don’t buy the actual product I shared). This outlet hasn’t allowed me to hire a cleaning lady or anything, but it has been fun to contribute to the family budget, even if it is only $10 a month. (The first month I made a whopping $3.47!!)

That said, I NEVER share anything that I don’t actually have in my home. And then I NEVER share anything that I don’t truly love and use. It is a matter of personal honor that I don’t dangle things in front of your eyes that will entice you to spend your hard-earned money; I want my blog to be a place where you come for rest and humor, not to find more stuff that you don’t really need.

But occasionally, I am so enthusiastic about a product that I feel it would be worth sharing. You’ll see those products and books show up in my Facebook news feed.

And then, even less occasionally, I come across something that just blows me away and I am so geeked out about it that I have to write a 600-word glowing review and share photographs of us enjoying it, whether it is from Amazon or not.

Enter “Mrs. Gore Likes”.

And if you hung in with me through that laborious explanation, Amazon should give YOU a commission!

12 thoughts on “Mrs. Gore Likes: Hearthsong’s Deluxe Platform Swing

  1. I am so happy that Nancy finally got her swing!! So far, I have seen 3 of these swings that my friends now have and one of the smaller, black swings like the one in the way back! It confirms my belief that we are all kids at heart and you are NEVER too old to swing!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Susan

  2. SOLD. That looks amazing! I really want that swing. If we buy this swing this summer I’ll be sure to use your site on Amazon. 🙂

  3. That looks like so much fun. We don’t have any trees, but I’m sure my husband could build an a-frame out of pipe to hang it from. Hmmmmm….might have to see about this.

  4. My parents purchased one of these for our daughter and we cant wait to get it up!! Did you all use a chain or rope to hang from the tree?

  5. Yes, but did you cut your hair? Because I feel that you did. And I love it. And I would like to receive the bits you cut off….for a wig. For me. Is that weird?

    • Okay, our relationship has just reached the freaky/weird level, because I see people everyday who did not notice the haircut. If I had been thinking (because of COURSE you want a wig of my hair as badly as I want one of yours!) I would have saved you the bits – they filled up an entire trashcan! It was a fabulous wad of frizz. I got it cut because (and you’ll appreciate this), my husband had started calling me “Hagrid’s baby”. THAT’S how BAD it was.

      Sigh. I miss you, you gorgeous ray of blonde sunshine.

      • Hagrid’s baby!!!! I’m crying laughing.

        And I think our relationship got weird the night we discovered our mutual psychosis…you know what I’m talking about? Scissors and guns and mall balconies?

  6. Mrs. Gore… I know that you like to shop on Amazon. So I want to pass on a little knowledge to you in case you haven’t found this site yet. When I saw Easter sticker books for only $1.99 (reg $6.99) under New Arrivals, I immediately thought of you (for some reason). The site is Have fun! 🙂

  7. I have been looking at one of these for a Christmas gift for our kids. Wondering though about what to hang it with. Did you ever change from the tow rope?!

  8. How do I get to your Amazon page??!?? I love that you share what you like. We have an eight month old and are just starting out our family. A swing like this may be in our future. 🙂

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