My Sweet Home: Plain Ol’ Pumpkins

Every year, I get excited about all the Fall décor I see on Pinterest, at Country Living, at Pottery Barn, via Martha Stewart…

every year, I determine that I’m going to make something cool with a pumpkin.

I’ve seen pumpkins made to look like vintage yellowware, pumpkins painted with chalkboard paint, pumpkins stacked and accessorized to make the Fall equivalent of a Winter snowman, pumpkins with this, pumpkins with that…

And every year, I either run out of time or my pumpkin craft turns out looking like a weirdo.

And so this year, with an infant, a homeschool and a back surgery patient on my hands, I gave myself a break, and when my dear friend, Charlotte, gave me some perfect pumpkins she accidentally grew in her pasture, guess what I did with them?


Nothin’, that is, except to gaze upon their unadulterated beauty as they sit upon my front porch table, bringing autumnal cheer to my heart everytime I see them.

Pumpkins are pretty, just as they are.



And so this is just me, giving you permission to have a plain ol’ pumpkin.


What did you do with your pumpkins this year? Paint them? Carve them? Smush them up into a pie? Do tell!

3 thoughts on “My Sweet Home: Plain Ol’ Pumpkins

  1. We carved four that we got from the pumpkin patch.
    Our preacher gave us two pie pumpkins which I baked,them I scraped the good stuff out and froze it. Pumpkin Pies for Thanksgiving from that!!

  2. This year, they are all sitting nicely on the mantle…totally untouched, just like yours! I’ll probably let the boys paint theirs just days before Halloween, but for now, they just look so good sitting here in all their natural glory 🙂

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