My Sweet Home: A Wee Little Rocker

We had a little rocking chair when I was a little girl that I loved to sit in. It was wooden, and, true to the time, had an impossibly loud, orange, floral upholstered seat and back cushion.

The 80’s were awesome, weren’t they?

Case in point: my rocking chair. My outfit. My Mom’s rad couch design. Babies reading TV guide (???)…

And see how much fun I’m having in my chair??

me in rocking chair

I outgrew the chair (probably about a month later, judging by my toddler thickness), and it eventually made its way to my parents’ garage where it gathered dust and cobwebs and a nice bit of weathering over the last couple of decades.

And then I kind of forgot about it.

And so imagine my surprise this Christmas when my Mom brought in an unexpected gift for my youngest daughter, Betsie…


My little rocking chair, scrubbed clean, sanded, restained, and beautifully reupholstered.


I couldn’t believe it!

One of the most beloved young ladies in my life, Leslie (of Benjamin Grey Photography fame), had been hired to do all the handiwork, which makes this chair even more special to me.

I love the details. The trim on the pillow…


the dotted swiss fabric and the pretty satin ribbon…


and my favorite part, a crocheted table runner that we used at our wedding reception, repurposed in the sweetest of ways…


You guys know how I love pint-sized furniture, and I think it is important to have plenty of places in our home for our little ones to find rest and comfort.

And let’s face it, everytime we take something from the 80’s and reupholster it, we have done the world a huge favor…

4 thoughts on “My Sweet Home: A Wee Little Rocker

  1. I love rocking chairs! I’m refinishing one right now…for our daughter, who just bought her first house. Your pillows are beautiful. I need to make something like that for the one I’m working on. Thanks for the pics. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Now I know exactly what to do with the little wooden rocker our first daughter had. She has just given birth to her first daughter, and I’m going to get started on restoring this chair for my granddaughter!.

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