Spring, Spring, Spring!

While you all are waiting for me to FINALLY finish my series on decluttering (I promise, it’s coming soon!), I wanted to take a minute and share our Spring photos from Benjamin Grey Photography. These pictures are dear to me, already, and I’m so grateful to have such talented and generous photographers in my life, always nearby to help document my children’s growth and innocence. (I’m thinking of you, Amy, Ben, and Leslie!).

It should also be noted that Baby Betsie threw up a couple of hours after this photo shoot, which immediately explained her uncooperative behavior and her notable absence from most of these photos.

Oh! And it should ALSO be noted that my nieces were having their pictures taken that day, too, hence the cousin photo at the end of this post.

Gores in Spring 1162

Gores in Spring 1163

Gores in Spring 1165

Gores in Spring 1172

Gores in Spring 1175

Gores in Spring 1177

Gores in Spring 1192

Gores in Spring 1181

Gores in Spring 1179

Gores in Spring 1187

Gores in Spring 1189

Gores in Spring 1190

Gores in Spring 1184

Gores in Spring 1196

Gores in Spring 1197

Gores in Spring 1198

Gores in Spring 1194

Gores in Spring 1205

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