A “Dressy” Photo Shoot

In the summer 0f 2011, as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do for Rebekah’s 2-year old pictures, my sister-in-law, Amy (also the photographer) had a BRILLIANT idea. After noticing that, from cousin’s hand-me-downs and Grandparental generosity, Rebekah had a new sundress on every time she saw her, she thought it would be fun to take a picture of Rebekah in all of her best outfits, one right after the other.

Setting her up in the same location for each picture, we donned her in a different outfit and taught her a different pose.

It was great fun, although Amy and I were both drenched with sweat and exhaustion by the time we had changed a wiggly (and sometimes “sleeping”) toddler into a closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories.

So fun. Sort of easy. And we were done in a couple of hours, and never left my house. And the best part is, we not only memorialized Rebekah as a 2-year old, but I now have a catalogue of all the things she wore (and can feel free to pass them on to someone else rather than keep trunks and trunks of clothes in our attic).

(Nope. I just changed my mind. There’s no way I’m giving these clothes up).

Someday, we plan on creating a framed print of all of these pics lined up next to each other. Someday…

Now…Mrs. Gore does not endorse the purchasing of so many clothes for a 2-year old, but…if it happens, you might as well capture the cuteness on camera, right? Thanks to everyone who helped make Rebekah’s 2-year old wardrobe a success (I’m talking to you, Grandmother and Grandma and Amy and Aunt Susan). And, as ever, a super special heaping of praise for Amy, who gives of her time and photographic talent so generously. I will cherish these pictures (and this day) for the rest of my life.


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a little girl's photo shoot featuring all of her favorite dresses - so fun!!

6 thoughts on “A “Dressy” Photo Shoot

  1. Sending this to my photographer niece right now–who faithfuly snaps photos like these of HER little (very little) nieces.
    I started to claim the barefoot-wearing-pale-green-one-(with matching hat)as my fave–until I saw the last one with Miss Sunday in feathery headband. THIS is it! That’s the FAVE. Love to all—

  2. So clever!! Way to capture the times (and outfits!)…My niece has discovered how much she LOVES dresses and this would be the greatest idea for a photo shoot!

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