How Boys Play in the Snow…How Girls Play in the Snow

I don’t want to get in trouble for making generalizations, but I couldn’t help but notice something as I went through all of our snow pictures yesterday…

I’ll just mostly let the pictures do the talking.


How Boys Play in the Snow

Make  a Snowman…


then tackle it.


OR make a Snowman…


then eat it.

(I don’t understand. It’s so…dirty! Boys are weird!!).


Snowballs fights are fun…


and the bigger the snowball, the better!!


When you run out of things to do, I don’t know…you could roll up a big snow-wheel…


and then you could, like, put it on top of each other.


and long after everyone else has gone inside, it’s still fun to just hang out in your Winter Wonderland…


eatin’ dirty snow and enjoyin’ the great outdoors.



How Girls Play in the Snow

Make a pristine and beautiful snowwoman and give her matching accessories…

(these are my beautiful nieces, Anna and Abigail! Love you, girls!!)


Or make heavenly snow angels with your sisters.

(and that’s little Kate there on the left. Love you, Katerbelle!)


Or pretend that you are a snow ballerina, dancing and twirling on the ice.


You get so excited to have a snowball fight with your brother…


until you (immediately) get hit in the face.


Snowball fight over.

(we have ALL been here, have we not, ladies?)


In fact, snow play over. Get me a blanket. I’m done.


And when all else fails and you have fully realized how miserably cold and wet it is outside…

(I know I used this photo yesterday, but I think it deserves to be seen over and over again).


Go inside where it is warm and read a book by the fire.



But thankfully, whether you’re a boy or a girl, and whether you play like a weirdo or a perfectly normal person, at the end of the day, when the snowball fights are over, and the tears are forgotten (and the dirty snow has somehow been digested), I’m glad we can all agree on on thing…

Hot Chocolate.

Heavy on the marshmallows.


5 thoughts on “How Boys Play in the Snow…How Girls Play in the Snow

  1. Love it! So agree! Today my oldest girl (12) was cleaning outside with the shovel and broom… My only boy (5) was throttling himself into the snow piles:)

  2. Differences in the genders: we live in AK, and the vehicle of choice is a truck. that is all you see at car dealers. so when i am driving and need to pull out into traffic, most of the time, i see a truck. i don’t even bother to try to pull out ahead of them, because they are usually (though not always, this is ak, you know!) driven by men, and they are aggressive in their big rigs. and on the highway, most of the vehicles that end up in the snow are those big pick ups (the kind that takes a step ladder to get into! ;). they are usually over confident drivers, and do not bother to buy snow tires, so they slide all over. end of happy ride! 😉

  3. I laughed out loud when the boys ate the snowman! Boys are so funny 🙂 Having 3 daughters and then a son…I’m just starting to understand this. Well, maybe ‘understand’ is a strong word – I’m starting to ‘see’ it. Yes, that’s it!

  4. Oh my goodness, the boy snow play pictures resembled our time in the snow so much! And my boys are only 1 and 2 1/2! We made a snow man (me so carefully and excitedly), only to have them tackle it to the ground as soon as it was built (I don’t remember ever doing that when I was little!). And then, of course, a new fascination with snow was snow ball throwing practice…ball after ball thrown at the fence to see who could leave a good white snow dusting! I never knew how absolutely fascinating throwing snowballs were until yesterday!

  5. Oh, my word. That is awesome. Although I usually skip all the snowman making and snow eating and go straight for the warm drink and reading material. I love snow days [observed from inside the comfort of my kitchen]. Snow IS so pretty [when not directly involved in the actual contact with said snow]!

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