The Best Days…

The best days are not necessarily holidays or Christmas-bonus days or personal achievement days.

They are the days when you wake up in January to 70-degree weather. You have your husband open the bedroom windows before he goes to the shower and you lay in your bed for a near hour just drinking in the fresh, balmy air that shoots a steady breeze right across your pillows.

They are the days when you make yourself a breakfast tray and sit in your bed with the windows still open, slowly drinking your coffee and orange juice and marveling over how beautiful an ordinary day can be.


They are the days when your Princess lays on her fluffy pillow bed nearby, gazing out at her Kingdom and mirroring your own appreciation for nature and fresh air. “Doing good, Mudder?” she regally asks as you continue to sip your coffee. “Doing REALLY good,” you answer, thinking that only the addition of a ladies’ maid could make this morning better. (Cause somebody’s got to fix that hair…)


They are the days when you dress how you want and you spend the hours how you want, and the only thing you need is a good friend to give you a push or two.




They are the days when you sit on the front porch and watch your greatest blessings, and you think you might just be tasting Eden…





You thank God all day for the reminder of what life should be like, and you pray over your children, yearning for the day when all of you will live, and work, and play there forever. Together.


I think we should have more days like this, don’t you?…

(And I mean that).

6 thoughts on “The Best Days…

  1. My FAVORITE blogger strikes again…and hits me square in the heart. As long as Mrs. Gore continues to write, I will continue to have hope for the future.

  2. Mrs. Gore–

    I honestly cannot even remember how I came across your blog, but I am so very thankful I did. I look foward to your posts and am constantly reminded how blessed I am in every aspect of my life. When I read your posts (usually at work..shh..don’t tell), I sit in my office and either cry because they are so heartfelt and absolutlely honest, or I am literally laughing out loud and laughing so hard I’m crying. The most recent one about your purchase with the cups. I had to foward that one to my husband as all I could think about was my goodness, that sounds just like me.

    Since my mother has been gone, I sometimes struggle with the feelings of being as good of a mom as she was…but your blogs somehow remind me of her and what she would tell me. You keep me humble and to remember its the small things in life that count. Thank you for sharing your stories!


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