Two Years. Too Fast.

It has come to my attention (thanks to that TODAY is my 2-year blog anniversary!! (blogiversary?…)

I can’t believe my little blog baby is 2 years old already. I remember our first days together like it was yesterday…

You really never know what you’re going to get when Mrs. Gore is pregnant. With Gideon, I was a bit of a basketcase, facing identity crisis after identify crisis for 9 emotional months. With Rebekah, I was more prone to hysterical fits of laughter and ate enough donuts to open a Krispy Kreme chain in my own stomach.

But Betsie was my muse, and midway through her incubation, I found my voice.

The getting there is a rather long and boring story, so I’ll spare you, but one cold afternoon, great with child, I sat down at my computer, opened a WordPress account, and I started writing.

I wrote all afternoon, until the kids woke up from their naps.

And after they went to sleep that night, I wrote late into the evening, the thoughts and stories and memories pouring out of me. One story would lead to another, and before long, I had fallen into a comfortable daily rhythm of remembering and writing, and then sharing those stories with my friends and family.

It was a therapy like no other, and I found in my tiny little blog a means to express my thoughts and my failings and my deepest gratitude…

and now, exactly two years later, I am still speechless at this unexpected gift that God has blessed me with. I can’t tell you how pleased at am with the opportunity to share my writings, and to have them received so warmly and consistently by the kind and caring friends of Mrs. Gore’s Diary; I cannot begin to express how you all have encouraged and blessed my life. What a sweet treasure you are to me.

And so I only think it appropriate to celebrate this milestone by sharing some wonderful news with you…

I have a new little muse in my tummy. He/she has been with us for 2 months now, and though this little gift has slowed down my writing considerably during this first uncomfortable trimester, I have every hope that, once the nausea and fatigue have settled down a bit, I will once more become the blogging machine that I was in January 2011 (or who knows? This pregnancy might bring about the biggest case of writer’s block the world has ever known!).

Am I fearful of what lies ahead? Always a bit. But if you read every story found in Mrs. Gore’s Diary over the past two years, there is one persistent theme running throughout, whether times were grand or temporarily dismal: God is good. Life is beautiful.

Such is the story of everyone who finds their feet on the narrow road that leads to life…

Thank you, as ever, for being a friend to me and for reminding me of how many brothers and sisters I have in the faith. I have been nearly bursting keeping this news a secret, and oh, do I already have some funny stories to tell. Some of you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting “Small Elephant”, have you? You’re in for a real treat. (Please pray for my poor husband…).

And if you’re interested, you can read my very first blog post here, Papa Upstairs, Papa Downstairs. (Warning: it is about baby vomit…which is exactly what my day had been about!).

Once more, many thanks! And Happy Birthday to my little blog toddler, Mrs. Gore’s Diary. I sincerely hope that blogs don’t go through the “Terrible Two’s”…

19 thoughts on “Two Years. Too Fast.

  1. Happy Blogiversary! And congratulations on God’s new gift! May he hold you tight throughout your pregnancy, that it might be less difficult and may you find His strength and joy in His miracles! 🙂

  2. Loved this. I stumbled on your blog a month or two ago through my friend Katie’s blog, where you and I both guest-posted. Since subscribing to your blog, I’ve so enjoyed the insights and tales you pour forth, always with the light of Christ shining through. Happy blog-iversary!

  3. Happy 2 year birthday to my favorite blog and congratulations to its writer and her family on the beautiful gift of the life who is sure to be another adorable baby! Your kids are too cute and I am looking forward to seeing what #4 will look like. 🙂 I will pray for a healthy pregnancy for you!

  4. Another huge congratulations from a devoted reader!! I am so glad I came across your blog. I just LOVE it, and think it one of the best I follow! We also have 4 Blessings, 3 boys and 1 girl, ages 8,7,4,3. Life is busy, full, and fun! How old will Gideon be when the babes is born? My oldest was 5 yrs n 5 mo when the 4th came along. At the time I wondered how we’d survive, but survive we did!!

  5. Congratulations to you and Mr. Gore!! We just found out that my sister is about 2 months pregnant as well! I will probably be blogstalking you now trying to get some good baby juju as we have been trying for months now. We will be praying for your whole family!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! Congratulations on your new muse … happens to be that I’m incubating a new one of my own, also right about 2 months (8 weeks tomorrow). I’m also bursting with the news but am waiting until I hear a heartbeat before screaming it from the rooftops (hopefully at my appointment on Monday!).

  7. Awww!! Congrats on EVERYTHING, Mrs. Gore! I’m over the moon excited for you. I’m really excited about reading about an seein beautiful pictures of this new angel. 🙂 Again, congrats and God Bless!

  8. Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary! Your blog always puts a smile on my face. I’m sure baby #4 will be just as beautiful as 1, 2 & 3 and provide you with many stories to share. Especially if it’s a boy!!!

  9. YAY! What fun news! So glad your hubby posted a link to your blog on Facebook way back when. It’s been fun to get to know your little family over the great Interwebs 🙂

  10. WOW!!! How exciting!! Baby #4 (or babies!) on the way!! We are so SO happy for you and God is SO SO good! I hope that your morning sickness subsides quickly and that the pregnancy is a healthy one! We’ll be praying for your family. Happy blogiversary too!! I just LOVE your blog and finally made it through all of your posts from now through when you first started. Looking forward to all future blogs that you post!! Congrats Lesley!

  11. Congratulations on both your blog anniversary and the new baby! I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months (one of my Facebook friends posted a link) but enjoy it very much. You have such a sweet family!

  12. I am so behind in reading things, CONGRATS!!!!! =) May your body and new baby be blessed with health and wholeness and energy and a new level of revelation to share with us!

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