He had no idea when I pulled him onto my lap and held him tightly against my chest that I was inwardly aching for a group of mamas I had never met, their precious babies lost to a senseless and evil school shooting in Connecticut early this morning.

I kissed his neck and laid his head on my shoulder, hugging him as hard as I could over and over and over again.

Before too long, he pulled away, eager to return to his toys, but I wasn’t finished yet. “Just one more?” I asked, “for my birthday?…”

Even though my birthday is actually tomorrow, he acquiesced, and we sat there on my Mom’s loveseat and held each other, he to pay homage to the all-important birthday wish, me to try all at one time to show him the depth of my love, to thank God for his safety thus far, to pray for every Connecticut family member whose world had come to a screeching and heartbreaking pause that day, and to desperately try to fathom the mysteries and tragedies of this sin-sick world.

It was an attempt that quickly proved to be impossible. How does one reconcile the beautiful lights of the Christmas tree in the corner with the horrific news on the television screen in the bedroom?

And how is it possible that so many beautiful lives could have been taken in one cruel and heartless moment?

For I have a 5-year old son, and I know that there are few things more precious on this earth than a Kindergartener.

Their innocence.


Their happiness.


Their silliness.


Their random outfits.


Their thirst for knowledge.


They are losing teeth and growing up…


and they should never, ever have to face violence or harm.

To the community of Newtown, we are mourning over the loss of your precious Kindergarteners, along with all who were killed on this awful day. We cannot possibly know the depth of your pain, but we humbly offer you our tears, our hearts, and faithfully, our earnest prayers.


Come, Lord Jesus. Deliver us from this world of sin and sadness.

7 thoughts on “Newtown.

  1. Simply wonderful !!! And the tears start again. I can not imagine the pain these families are going thru and my heart truly hurts for them. I just can’t imagine the horror that even those littlest survivors had to witness and endure. May God Bless them and keep them !!!!! Thank you Mrs Gore for allowing this Nana a place to come for comfort !!!! May God continue to Bless you and yours !!!!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Gore. Though my children are 17, 16, & 13, I cried through your entire message. I cannot say I understand, but God has placed empathy in my heart for those mothers, and so I too stand with you in prayer: for comfort, for healing, for strength, and most importantly, for faith. Amen.

  3. Beautfully written….thank you. My tears are pouring once again….it is just so inconceivable how anyone, deranged or not could do this. We are seeing so much pure evil in our society today. I pray our Lord Jesus does come and soon. And.I truly believe this is a prayer that will be answered….God bless you and yours.

  4. Thank you for putting into words the preciousness of our children, and each and every child taken so violently yesterday…..God is good all the time….

  5. I work at an elementary school as a special ed para. I learned of this tragedy yesterday from one of our kindergarten teachers when I went to work in her room. We cannot even fathom the evil that would do something like that. I love working with kindergarteners (all the grades at our school, really). This made me appreciate our kids even more. My heart aches for the families of the children and adults lost so senselessly.

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