Selah Springs: The River

On our first full day at Selah Springs, we met Phil and Andrea’s family by the river in front of the Main Lodge for a hot dog cook-out.

Planned arrival time: 11:00 a.m.

Unplanned departure time: 6:00 p.m.

Such is the unscripted joy that takes place when you are surrounded by interesting people, beautiful weather, and a river that is just right for wading and, eventually, swimming – the longer we stayed, the deeper the kids got in the water. The riverbank was soon littered with their clothing and boots, and I have rarely seen them so completely occupied by nature and nature alone. I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyworld with my little ones, but I’ve got to say, a free day in the beautiful outdoors, far away from the fast pace of the rest of the world, is good medicine for the entire family, the kind that vacations should be made of. Oh to revisit this perfect day over and over again!

Take a look…

Behind us stood the absolutely beautiful Main Lodge – this place is a true gem, perfect for large families or church groups.

Cooking hot dogs over the fire…

Betsie didn’t get a hot dog OR swim in the river, but she attacked this can of Country Time Lemonade like a champ!


Phil saw this photo op and had Mr. Gore capture it for us…wouldn’t it be nice to sit on a riverbank every day with your little boy lying next to you? I could go for that.

My children spent the next several hours exploring the river while we relaxed on the bank and talked with our friends. Who knew rivers made such outstanding baby-sitters? (Unless you’re going out for a night on the town. Then you really shouldn’t let the river baby-sit your kids).

Its funny, isn’t it? You can never really plan perfect days like this. They just happen sometimes, and you realize on your way home that God just showed you immeasurable grace, the kind that makes your heart sing.

The kind that makes you pull your children in closer for hugs and kisses as you get out of the car.

The kind that makes you wish you had a river in your backyard…


Coming up next…Selah Springs: The Tweedledummies

3 thoughts on “Selah Springs: The River

  1. makes me remember the days gone by when we would go with the neighbor kids and go swimming at the creek in Cave Spring – makes me want to find a place like that for my girls to go. We’ll be looking…

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