In Response to Mr. Miyagi

I received an e-mail this weekend that stated, and I quote…

Mrs. Gore,
Are you neglecting your “old” blog and fans for your shiny, new blog???  🙂
Have a good day,
Mr. Miyagi

Who is Mr. Miyagi, you ask?

That would be my brother, Pete. One day he referred to himself as one of my “fans” and I chided him, for truly, without Pete, I never would have sat down to create a blog; his repeated encouragement inspired me to begin this process of online journaling and opining. “You are no mere fan!” I told him, “You are my manager, my coach…my Mr. Miyagi.”

Obviously, he accepted this new moniker with open arms, and I reckon I will be receiving vaguely gentle hints of guidance in my inbox when my blogmaster senses the need.

God bless you, Mr. Miyagi.

For as usual, he made me chuckle, but he also gave me an intro into a quick post I’ve been wanting to jot down in the midst of one of the most hectic and offbeat months I’ve experienced in a long while. After battling nearly one month of sickness (that consisted of 2 sick weeks for Gideon, 2 weeks for Mr. Gore, 1 for the girls, and 3 for me) of a sore throat/summer cold/strep throat variety (you should SEE our medicine box! It overfloweth!), we went straight into homeschool mode, preparing for one of the biggest days of our family’s life. Therefore, I have been doing a lot of work in the real world, ending each day so bone weary that when I do sit down with my laptop, my brain is as fried and weary as my body…

and then when I have had the capacity to share a somewhat readable post, it has mostly to do with homeschool…

which has resulted in very little activity here at the home of my first blog love, Mrs. Gore’s Diary.

So I just wanted to take a minute to pop over here and say “Hello, old friends!!” and to assure all of you, along with my beloved Mr. Miyagi, that as soon as I finish summing up our first week of homeschool at the Home Academy, I’ll be back here with lots of new and exciting posts covering everything from prayer and fasting to Halloween costume ideas to a long overdue revival of the “Weeklies”…

It is sure to be fun. (for me and Mr. Miyagi, at least).

In the meantime, I hope you’ll take an internet stroll to Mrs. Gore’s Home Academy and see what we’ve been up to.

Obviously, we’ve been busy, busy, busy (and I’ve managed to keep the house clean for a whole week!), but at the risk of sounding like the blogging dork of the century, I’ve got to admit, I’ve missed you…world.

Especially you, Mr. Miyagi.

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