A Baby’s Worst Nightmare

I dreamed my life went backwards…

My children, playing in the front yard, their laughter filling the air and warming my heart.

A quiet hospital room, holding my baby boy for the first time.

My wedding day, the world as close to heaven as it had ever been.

My last college final, 4 years of hard work and study completed.

That night in my parents living room, hearing him say “I love you” for the first time.

Our first date, hands clammy, voice shaking, future so unclear but full of hope.

The first time I laid eyes on him, heart shifting in his direction.

My adolescent mistakes, and learning the hard way that I didn’t have the world figured out.

High school, a blur of excitement and fun, the world opening up before me.

Middle school, finding my voice and developing my talents.

Elementary school, waking up to the great, big world around me and loving every minute.

Playing in the creek with my brothers, deliciously cold water running gently over my bare feet.

My Granny and Papa’s house, the smell of sweet honeysuckle drifting by on the wind.

My first kitten, soft and tiny and all mine.

My childhood, one simple day after another, surrounded by family and familiarity and love.

My wonder, picking wildflowers in the pasture, captured by the beauty of creation.

My infantile love for Mama and Daddy, my entire world wrapped up in their faces.

Safe, in her womb.

But then my dream turned into a nightmare, and my world was turned upside down…

Mama was different.

She was scared.

She was selfish.

She was a victim.

She was deceived by her culture.

She was duped by the experts.

She did not want me.

They killed me and sucked me out of her body and threw me in a trash can.

My life – with all of its potential beauty – was over before it had even begun.


Abortion is a nightmare that millions of children every year never get to wake up from. Wake up, America. Choose life.


4 thoughts on “A Baby’s Worst Nightmare

  1. Precious Penwoman of Oklahoma…
    After wiping away the tears, I forwarded this to my pastor’s wife (at a mega-church of 15,000 members), my co-workers (in a para-church ministry) and each female family member. May God bless and keep you, strengthen your prophet’s voice and continue to enlarge your readership.”
    Grace mercy and peace to you,
    Carol Anne

  2. Amen….just Amen. God bless you for sharing your heart – God’s heart – my childhood wasn’t as idyllic as yours may have been but I am so glad that I was born and raised to know the Lord and to have my children – I am so blessed.

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