Darn You, Jean Valjean!

Yesterday night, I woke up (after barely falling asleep for 3 minutes) crying, the lyrics of “Bring Him Home” (quite possibly THE most beautifully written and recorded song, not only on the Les Miserables soundtrack, but in the entire world for all time) running through my head.

As always, one face came to my mind as Jean Valjean cried out to God on behalf of young Marius…


5 years old, each year flashing by more quickly than the one before.

His 5th summer is coming to a close, and Kindergarden is on the horizon.

And honestly? Mama doesn’t quite know how to feel about that.


“The summers die one by one

How soon they fly on and on…”

p.s. Jean Valjean, I hereby ban your from my dreams. This sentimental nutcase doesn’t need any more fuel.

p.p.s. Gideon dressed himself for this “photo shoot” in Granddaddy’s soon-to-be harvested cornfield. πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Darn You, Jean Valjean!

  1. Oh my… enjoy the time… as they grow wayyyyy to fast. One of ours is married and a mother to a spunky rotten boy… another just started her sophomore year in college, my oldest son will be a sophomore in HS and the baby, well he will be in 2nd! I am holding on to time as hard as I can, but its just not working!!!

  2. Totally agreed…one of the best songs of all time! Did you know LesMis is coming to OKC in October? (And maybe to Tulsa too? I don’t know.) I think Mrs. Gore might need a date night to hear Jean Valjean in person!

  3. Almost done reading Les Mis (saw the touring Broadway show years ago). Jean Valjean will forever be one of my favorite male literary characters. Right up there with Father Tim and Samwise Gamgee. Sigh…. and I could not agree more about that song.

    • I shared your comment on my Mrs. Gore’s Diary Facebook page with a link to the Mitford books – if you had an account, you could go check it out…
      We share a soul, you and I.

      • We do share a soul. It blows my mind. And just when I think I have some weird quirk that you wouldn’t understand (ahem..George Strait)…it turns out you DO. I love you so. (I’ll have to lurk on Jonny’s facebook! See? Why open my own when I can be a creepy stalker on his?)

  4. Precious pictures! Kindergarten was so hard for us, especially me πŸ˜‰
    That little man looks ready, though! Love his wardrobe choice!

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