Ah, Sweet Fatherhood

When Mr. Gore came home from work yesterday, he volunteered to distract the children for a bit so I could fill some granola orders (another story, altogether). But I had to pause in my cooking to snap a few pictures of the chaos (and the fun!). Of all the pictures I’ve shared on this blog, these are the most representative of our life…

That last picture is my favorite, as well as the last one I snapped before tiptoeing back to the kitchen to make my granola in peace…

Many thanks, Mr. Gore!

4 thoughts on “Ah, Sweet Fatherhood

  1. One of my favorite parts of these pictures, is the picture on the wall, that is crooked. (and your bedside table lamp) You are one blessed lady…and what I love most of all, is you g e t– i t Lesley. You know this is temporary and you are holding it tight. Those kiddos grow so fast!

  2. I so love this. Love the “Southern Seminary” t-shirt, the Peter Pan outfit, the rumpled bed—and the very blessed little ones. Making memories for them. Precious beyond words. šŸ™‚

  3. thank you for sharing a little piece of your happiness! Made me smile. It looks very much like what the weekends are like here at my house!

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