Miss Sunday’s Third – the Pampering Session

I only have 3 more posts to share concerning Miss Sunday’s amazing 3rd birthday, that somehow seemingly turned into a nearly week-long event.

{I’M the one around here who gets birthweeks. These kiddos of mine had better back off…}

And I simply have to devote an entire post to what took place on Saturday morning while my Mom and I set up the party. As soon as Rebekah woke up that day, we packed her bag and she was whisked away, in her pajamas, for a very special occasion…

Her Aunt Amy had invited her over for a donut breakfast and a mini pampering session, where she would get her toenails painted, her hair fixed, and would arrive at her party completely dressed and ready to celebrate.

Not only was this event incredibly fun for the birthday girl, it was unbelievably helpful to me. Gideon was with his Papa buying a cheap swimming pool at Wal-Mart, Betsie miraculously went down for a very early morning nap, and I was left at my leisure to put the finishing touches on this party of my dreams. It was so nice to actually set up a party for my kids without wanting to ring their necks at the same time. I highly recommend it.

Amy shared these photos with me of their time together…

The Birthday Girl, surrounded by her girl cousins on my side of the family, sits in the seat of honor at the breakfast table.

“Baby Kate” enjoys (in her no-nonsense way) a powdered donut.

And the best picture of the day, the girls pray together before their meal, 5-year old Anna’s hand resting on Rebekah’s shoulder. Let’s all take a collective sigghhhhhhh…

Anna plays with Rebekah’s hair while she eats her chocolate donuts. I am positively jealous.

Time for toes!

A bit of red polish…

and a little bit of magic transforms a big toenail into a cute little strawberry, perfect for a Farm Stand Birthday Party with a heavy emphasis on, you guessed it…strawberries!

all done!

What a sweet time my daughter got to spend with her Aunt and her cousins. I am so grateful and humbled by Amy’s willingness to serve Rebekah Sunday and make her feel loved and special.

By the by, Amy said that Rebekah continued her birthday entitlement like a pro, and basked in the pampering like a Queen.

Even Uncle Jerry joined in, putting the finishing touch on her birthday ensemble by buckling her brown leather sandals. “Don’t mess up my toenails!” Rebekah warned him.

Four beautiful girls, all dressed up and SOMEWHERE to go!

The party…FINALLY…coming up Monday!

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