Miss Sunday’s Third: Some Things are Meant to Be

The night before Rebekah’s actual birthday party found us outside, taking a family outing to the mailbox.

We don’t get out much.

As the five of us were crossing the street to return to our house, hark! We heard a noise.

It was the tinkling music of…what? An ice cream truck? In 2012?!

My kids LOVE ice cream. And I dearly LOVE nostalgia…

Poor Mr. Gore knows both of those things very well, and so before the begging even began, he started shaking his head ‘no’…

The kids began looking for the source of the music, and it wasn’t long before they, too, had spotted it.

“An ice cream truck!” Gideon proclaimed, pointing at the white van slowly making its way toward our house.

“I want some ice cream!” Rebekah excitedly added in her high-pitched sing-song voice.

“Nope.” said their Papa. “We’ve had lots of treats around here, we’re out of budget money…no ice cream tonight.”

“Papa, please!” Gideon begged.

“I want some ice cream!” Rebekah repeated.

“It’s an ice cream truck!” I murmured to him out of the corner of my mouth. “It’s so cute! How often do we see an ice cream truck?”

But he was standing firm. No ice cream.

It was getting closer now.

And then our neighbors flagged it down.

My kids stared longingly at the truck as the boy across the street happily purchased an icy cold treat.

“Papa…” Gid said. “Why can’t we ever get any ice cream?”

“Gideon,” Mr. Gore explained. “We had ice cream last night. And birthday parties all week. We always get ice cream.”

“I want some ice cream!” Rebekah repeated once more.

And then the darndest thing happened.

The ice cream truck music began to play the song “Happy Birthday to You.”

I gasped.

Mr. Gore’s eyes met mine…

and his hand slipped into the pocket of his jeans to retrieve his wallet.

Cheers went up all around…

and we kicked off Rebekah’s birthday weekend with drippy sticky treats on the front porch of our home.

Sure, we could’ve bought the same ice cream treats at the store for half the price. But the store doesn’t play “Happy Birthday to You” when we’re trying to decide if or if not we should purchase a treat in the first place.

Some things really are just meant to be, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Miss Sunday’s Third: Some Things are Meant to Be

  1. That is such a cute story…..Thank Mr. Gore for caving in so that Mrs. Gore could write such a sweet story! Miss You guys and gals.
    renee w.

    • awww, thank you Renee! Its such a treat for me to know you stopped by my world to make a visit. Thank you for your kind words.
      We miss you too! Hope to see you soon!!

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