What’s Cookin’ at Mrs. Gore’s House

Going through the thousands – that’s right, I said thousands – of pictures I’ve acquired over the last couple months, I came across a few from Mother’s Day that I forgot to post.

They made me laugh, because they perfectly sum up life as I know it right now.

On Mother’s Day weekend, Mr. Gore showed just how well he really knows me: my gift was a blog upgrade that took my site “domain” from mrsgoresdiary.wordpress.com to mrsgoresdiary.com. The amount of joy this brought me made me think I might have reached a new level of geekiness.

The other part of my gift was a full day of freedom to write and edit photos and work on customizing my blog (which you will hopefully be enjoying in the near future!). I was beside myself. I shut all the doors to the office, took a deep breath, and got to work straightaway.

But before ten minutes had passed, Mr. Gore rushed into the office to grab the camera and said “keep working!” before rushing back out of the room.

He had spotted a photo op:

Sneaking the camera back to me, I took a few pictures from my vantage point:

It helped me to realize why I’ve been having so much trouble getting anything accomplished…

Little minx.

I was telling a friend just yesterday that I don’t remember being this tired since almost exactly two years ago. After attending a friend’s wedding (I look like a zombie in the pictures, I was so bone-tired!), Mr. Gore and I flew to the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, Florida. We arrived at our hotel, laid our stuff out to leave early the next morning to hear the amazing Francis Chan speak, went to sleep…and woke up 11 hours later, closer to lunch than breakfast, completely missing the exciting morning session of the Convention.

It. was. heavenly…

There is one common denominator in this equation: exactly two years ago, we had a 1-year old Rebekah, and today we have a 1-year old Betsie.

And if you don’t know already, Betsie is that cute little booger peeking into my office window on Mother’s Day while I tried to “work”.

We’ve had three major birthday parties in the last couple of weeks, along with a ton of activities at church and at home that have kept us hopping, not to mention our daily chores like keeping Gideon from having meltdowns and keeping Betsie alive. I am about to BURST at the seams with excitement about all I have to share with you.

As time – and Baby Betsie – allows, I’ll be sharing it all.

But in the meantime, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the love and encouragement you continue to send my way. I take what I share here at Mrs. Gore’s Diary very seriously, and truly strive to bring glory to God through my writings. The fact that you continue to read and share so faithfully just blows me away and causes my heart to overflow with happiness and gratitude.

Yes, I might be very sleepy. But because of you guys, I gladly give up my afternoon nap opportunities and have allowed my house and home to fall into disrepair and chaos. You’re welcome, beloved.

Because weren’t you just dying to know what was cookin’ at Mrs. Gore’s house this Monday afternoon?!

And speaking of cooking…I think we’ll be eating take-out for supper.

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