The Birthday Girls

Although I have been singing their birthday praises all day long, I simply cannot let this day pass without saying it here ~

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two very special girls, Abigail Grace and Betsie Fair.

My niece Abigail was born on May 30th, 2004, and God used her birth to turn my life upside-down…in a good way. Her arrival into this world took my self-absorbed eyes off of myself and allowed me to truly begin living for others, an art I am still perfecting 8 years later. The moment I laid eyes on her, I was hooked, and I got a glimpse of what it meant to be a nurturer and a mother. Living in the room beside hers during my final semester of college, I learned to change diapers, I learned to make bottles, I learned all the special tricks to getting her to sleep, and I was a pro at keeping her out of trouble and keeping her tender heart protected. We were soul mates, the two of us, and we just “got” each other from day 1. She changed my life, and I will love and champion her until the day I die.

And because of that love, I was determined to give her an extra special birthday present last year, nearly begging the hospital staff to induce my labor when they said I could go home and wait a couple of days…

Abigail’s baby cousin, my own Betsie Fair, made her arrival late on May 30th, 2011, with 30 minutes to spare. We all rejoiced, not only because our precious baby was safe and healthy, but because Abigail’s oft-repeated birthday wish had come true! The two seem to share a special bond, and I think it will always be great fun for them to share their special day with one another.

My sister-in-law posted these photos on Facebook today, and it made my heart hurt and rejoice at the same time. I obviously expected to see how Betsie had grown in her first year of life, but Abigail, too? Life is truly bittersweet. But mostly sweet…

I don’t know how special May 30th is at your house, but in ours…

it’s epic.

4 thoughts on “The Birthday Girls

  1. Aww…so very precious, I LOVE “We were soul mates, the two of us, and we just “got” each other from day 1.” That is exactly how I feel about my niece, Alayna!! Wishing Abigail & Betsie the very happiest of birthdays!!! Enjoy your day, girls!

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