Hot Cross Buns

~ My very last late Easter post. I think. ~

In my Good Friday post, I mentioned the Hot Cross Buns “we” made as a family.

Meaning “we” stirred the bowl a couple of times and sprinkled the yeast and set the dough to rise…

and then when the kids were asleep I did the real work, adding the tastiest ingredients (sugar, cinnamon and raisins), rolling the buns, setting them to rise again, baking them, and finally, icing them.

I’m sure that, with experience, I will be able to make these with little thought, but the effort and concentration I had to pour into them as a pioneer bun-maker made me very nervous about the finished product: “What if they taste gross?” I thought, “and I’ve made all this ado and spent all this time for no reason…”

But I should have known Pioneer Woman wouldn’t let me down. Her recipe was DELICIOUS, even if I accidentally turned the oven off after I put them in to bake and didn’t realize it for 10 minutes. (This perhaps resulted in my buns being a little flat, but they were still pretty, and most importantly, scrumptious).

I plan on never celebrating an Easter weekend without these Hot Cross Buns. To find the recipe, click here:

The children peek around the corner waiting to see their Easter baskets and our finished buns…

Our simple breakfast table…

my “special” Hot Cross Buns, a little on the flat side…

I promise I didn’t have my eyes open during the prayer. But my camera might have….

I love a new tradition, don’t you? I hope you find room in your recipe book and in your Easter weekend for Hot Cross Buns.


And while I’m at it, let me just tell you one last time…Happy Easter! 

Easter Sunday, 2012

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