Praise at the Bedtime Hour

I tiptoed upstairs to turn off their lamps and stole a moment to watch them as they slept…


Exquisite. Wisps of dark eyelashes rest daintily on her cheeks. A perfect little nose. Strawberry lips to match the strawberry tint of the long golden strands of hair framing her cherubic face like a halo. Her mouth forms a dainty “o” as she sleeps, her usually busy hands resting on her chest, rising and falling to the rhythmic beat of her rest.

My heart melts at the sight of her, this unexpected daughter whom I have dubbed “unsinkable.” She is my Molly Brown, my Olivia Pearl, my Holly Alexander, my Calamity Jane…brave, talented, unblinking, smart, bossy, funny…everything I could ever want but didn’t know to ask for.

Thank you, God. She is fearfully and wonderfully made.


Timeless. Two dark rows of thick eyelashes catch my eye. Then that sweet swoop of a nose that I saw in my first ultrasound picture – it has grown a little, but it looks just like it did the first time I saw him. His mouth is slightly open, revealing a row of straight teeth that match him just right. Hair that is so many colors – brown, red, blonde – crowns his head, laying straight and tidy except where it is not.

He is my vintage boy, full of imagination and innocence and hope. I love him a bushel and a peck, and I feel like our lives began at the same time. He is my Opie, my Little Ricky, my Theodore Cleaver, my Gary Jackson…interesting, classic, funny, boyish, and curious, with just a little bit of crazy thrown in for good measure.

Thank you, God. He is fearfully and wonderfully made.

I come downstairs to give my third child a turn…


Precious. She has doubled in length since she first joined our family and her lean little body is sprawled across her bed, reminding me that time continues to pass without my noticing. In my darkened bedroom, her profile shows three curls, Daisy Duck eyelashes in the front, a curlicue topknot on her forehead, and a ducktail at the nape of her neck. One rosy and chubby cheek lies on her bed; the other faces me, begging to be touched.

A forever baby, she is dependent and doting and lovely in every way. Her tender expression begs for love and praise, the contents of her heart written all over her face. She is my Gerber Baby, my Beth March, my Hearth Cricket, my pet…generally quiet, sweet, affable, beautiful and adoring…and with her winsome nature, she has made herself the darling of the entire family.

Thank you, God. She is fearfully and wonderfully made.

As they lie sleeping, and the house lies still, my heart rejoices in the handiwork of a Master Creator who knits together the most amazing and complex masterpieces, each one different, but each one bearing His fingerprint.

I carried them, but He made them.



Thank you, God.

5 thoughts on “Praise at the Bedtime Hour

  1. I love reading your posts. You are extremely talented. As I was reading this I could smell the clean sweet babies ….and as you were describing your babies…I was remembering mine….My babies are grown now…with babies of their own. Being a mother to my kids has been my greatest blessing while on this earth….I have enjoyed every moment of their lives, as I am enjoying my grandbabies now. You have beautiful children! Enjoy them …. All too soon they grow up and move on!

    • Wow, thank you so much, Judy. It means so much that you took the time to share these sweet and encouraging words. And I’m doing my best to enjoy these years – some days I have to really remind myself, but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t cherish these moments!

  2. That is by far my very favorite psalm. I wasn’t one to quote scripture or even have many memorized until I had my own little fearfully, wonderfully made little ones of my own 🙂 Who are 4 years old, and 2 years old and sleeping cherubs in their beds now too. Thank you for your sweet post

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