Following Baby Betsie

We’ve “followed” Miss Sunday, our busy little working bee…

We’ve “followed” Gid the Kid, observing his quirky contraptions and slimy earthworm friends…

That leaves one.

Baby Betsie.

Betsie is absolutely the sweetest baby girl I’ve ever known. She lives and breathes to be loved, and even when she is getting into stuff, she looks up at us with her sweet little expression, begging to be adored and praised. She is incredibly tender and even the tiniest bump on the head just breaks her heart.

It is hard to fathom that a year ago, she was still living in my tummy! I had no idea what a blessing was coming my way and I can’t thank God enough for the masterpiece He crafted in this baby girl.

It has been such fun seeing her simple world through my camera lens. Take a look…

Somebody please get me out of here?…

Somebody please let me out?…

Somebody please get this off my chin?…

Somebody please help me? Anybody?…

Would somebody please move this chair?…

Or I could just stay here. Whatever you want.

I love to hold and be held.

And when I do something ornery…

I’m not trying to be bad.

I’m just doing big girl stuff…

so you’ll be proud of me. Are you proud?

But then again, sometimes I am being bad and I know it.

I have a happy and quiet life at home all day with Mama and brother and sister.

and I am happy to get to see my Grandmother almost every day.

I love her and she loves me.

Granddaddy too.

He calls me “Pinky” and comes to our house after work sometimes. I think he comes just to see me and give me a hug.

A few of my favorite things:




Mama’s big funny-looking camera.


Being nosey.

Being toted.

Being rescued…

and eating every piece of grass I can get my hands on. Clover is my favorite.

My name is Betsie Fair.

I like it here.

6 thoughts on “Following Baby Betsie

    • Thank you, Glenda! I’m not quite as good as Amy yet, but I’ve learned a lot of tricks from her! I tried to get her to move in with us and take all my pictures for me, but she mentioned something about her husband and family…

    • We should compare notes – maybe we did something during these pregnancies to make a sweet baby. Powdered donuts? Lots of naps? Prayer?

      Cause I want another sweet one – this has been too much fun!

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