Ye Olde-Fashioned Family Egg Coloring

This year marked a very special milestone in our family’s life…coloring eggs was more FUN that it was HARD WORK. Part of the reason was that my kids are a year older and can listen to instructions a teensy bit better than they did last year.

Another reason is that I took the party outside. As a result, I was a hundred times less tense about…oh, everything.

Weather permitting, I’ll never color eggs inside the house again!

First things first – I left these eggs and bowls on the counter all day long to get the kids excited. Yes they asked me about 989,333 times if it was time to “color our eggs” yet. Yes it was kind of worth it.

We put all of our supplies on a big wooden tray and hauled it out to a kid-sized picnic table in the yard (protected with sheets of construction paper).

These small jelly jars were the PERFECT egg-dying vessels. The eggs fit just right, we could see the color of the dye, and the kids could basically watch their eggs as they floated in the colorful water.

We’re still working out our Easter traditions as a Christian family, but I think we’ll always color eggs every Spring, no matter what. Too much fun!

I spy something GREEN!

And something RED and BLUE!

Sidenote: this little stoneware egg crate from Anthropologie was super handy for this project. Its fairly inexpensive and it also comes in turquoise! But you know me…I love me some white.

Should we or should we not continue to tell Rebekah to say “Cheese!” We should.

Betsie Fair couldn’t join in the festivities just yet, but she watched from nearby as she feasted on organic snacks…

Snot and carrots.


The only tricks I used on these…interesting-looking…eggs were scotch tape on some, stickers on some, and string wrapped ’round and ’round some. Easy. Sorta cool. For sure fun for preschoolers.

Oh! And an old egg-dying kit I bought on clearance sale at Williams Sonoma a couple of years ago – I love the “drying” supplies.

Almost done!

Which one is your favorite, Rebekah Sunday?

This one and this one and this one and this one and this one and THIS one!

An egg-streamly succ-eggs-ful eggstatstic egg party!


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