Calgon Took Her Away

And now would you like to see perhaps my favorite picture of Miss Sunday?

It, too, was taken completely off the cuff, but with the new beloved Canon Rebel I bought off of my sister-in-law, Amy. Someday soon I’ll be sharing some of the photographs Amy has taken – she is a genius, that’s all I can say. I am her sous photographer, and a far less talented and intelligent one – but sometimes I get to hold her big shiny circle thing to help with her lighting. Super fun and I love being her assistant. Am I digressing again?…

Anyway, remember Rebekah’s broken finger saga? Well to keep that tiny little repaired digit protected from the wrestling and rambunctious maniac that owns it, they finally had to cast her arm all the way past her elbow. Which meant that I had to wrap and cellophane her up like a potluck casserole and bathe her in our kitchen sink for a couple of weeks.

So I started her bath one day, got her situated with her arm resting on the countertop, and left her to soak for just a bit while I checked on her siblings. When I left, she was sitting up playing in the water; when I came back to bathe her, this is what I found:

I did a double-take and looked around the kitchen. Had I missed something? Was there a film crew in my house making a commercial for Johnson’s Baby Bubbles? Was she just putting on a show for Mama?…

Nope. She was just soaking and reveling in the luxury of a warm kitchen sink bubble bath. Really, what more could a girl ask for?

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