This and that and surgery.

I suppose it is time for some breaking news updates.

First, guess who had surgery yesterday?

Not Rebekah this time. Not me. Not Gideon or Betsie or my Mom or my Dad and not anybody else but Mr. Gore.

Yep. Mr. Gore.

What started as a an innocent tubing collision 7 or 8 years ago has slowly resulted in a herniated disc. And what started as an innocent basketball game a couple of months ago slowly resulted in a nerve impingement that left my poor husband in a near constant state of pain since January. A friendly little shaving of that disc allowed the nerve to find some relief, and after an incredibly long and stressful day at the hospital yesterday, here we are, back in our nest, he watching “The Lord of the Rings” on his laptop, me blathering on to whomever will listen on my laptop.

And if you don’t mind I just have a few things to say, some about surgery, and some about other stuff:

If you ever see someone driving rather slowly and extraordinarily cautiously on a major highway during rush hour, just do them a favor and ASSUME that they are driving someone HOME who just had BACK SURGERY and CUT THEM SOME SLACK. Okay? Thatwouldbegreat.

Gah, I am one heck of a nurse. I am not bragging, I promise. Just shocked.

I love me some Mr. Gore. What a guy. Seven years of marriage and I am thrilled to be homebound with him for a bit. We have lots of books and magazines and movies and computer stuffs and food and Easter and this is just going to be fun…minus the surgery, we should do this more often.

I have to admit, for someone who went to the doctor once before I started having babies – and that was to get on Acutane – I have had it up to here with the doctor’s appointments and the slings and the casts and the surgeries and the therapy and the follow-ups and the medicines and the phone calls and the waiting rooms and the driving back and forth to Tulsa and the thing-where-your-heart-breaks-because-someone-you-love-is-hurting…my short experience with this kind of lifestyle has given me all kinds of new sympathy for those who frequently deal with these sorts of issues. If this is you, I just want to encourage you – it is no small thing what you go through. I feel ya, and I’m sorry.

Now…onto other things. Do you guys remember that little bookclub I started a few months ago? The one that I haven’t updated in a couple of months? Yeah, sorry ’bout that. I truly hate to be a loser in so public a forum, but I’ve got to come clean and say that I need a hiatus from the ol’ bookclub. And I humbly apologize and beg your forgiveness.

And do you guys remember “the Weeklies” that I also started a few months ago? The ones that I haven’t updated in a couple of months? Yeah, that too.

So what Mrs. Gore has learned is that, until I don’t have preschoolers running amok under my roof and until we are completely finished homeschooling and raising however many ragamuffins God decides to bless us with and until there are no more surgeries in our house and until there are no more pins to pin on Pinterest, I should just stick with less of the “columns” and more of the random. Thanks for hanging in there with me as I figure this stuff out and for not canceling your prescription to Mrs. Gore’s Diary. I’m sorry…did I say prescription?…I meant subscription. Silly surgeries.

I got a new dress today. (yay!)

And really…I’m trying to think of something else, but two things are going in on my head right now: 1. Too much to grasp right now concerning everything from single mothers and pregnant teenagers and abortion and life and death and whether or not I should wear a belt with my new dress and how I’m ever going to edit all of the home videos we’ve collected in the past 5 years and 2. Crickets. Crickets who are convincing me that it is time to call it a night and go to sleep.

I shall listen to the crickets and work out all the other stuff in the morning, and until then, I am content that this night finds me safe and well and next to the one I love for one more night, and I pray the same for you, whether you are dealing with this…

or that…

or surgery.

But hopefully not surgery.

4 thoughts on “This and that and surgery.

  1. Leslie, your family is just precious n I love reading Mrs. Gore’s Diary. Hope Mr. Gore has a speedy recovery from his surgery. I’ll say a special prayer for him tnite. May God Bless your beautiful family and please keep writing these sweet stories, your children are so colorful n fun

  2. Of course, as a mother of 6, who has gone through surgeries, multiple doctor visits, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age children, pre-puberty, puberty, post puberty, and now onto adult children…I love watching your family from a distance and it reminds me how much I probably missed, how much I miss, and how much mischief I survived. You go girl. I like to think of myself as your biggest fan, and then I remember you already have a mom. You are the best Mrs Gore.

    • This made my day – my favorite friends are the ones who Mother me, so keep being my biggest fan. I will pledge to you my undying love forever if you love me first!
      Thanks for your enouragement and for always reminding me to enjoy this time. You have no idea how much you’ve taught me about being a mother and a woman of God. YOU are the best Mrs. Turner!
      (and you forgot to add GRANDCHILDREN to your list…you’ve accomplished so much in your young life and you manage to do it all with style…and a little bling!)

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