Mother Hen’s Fifth Birthday

Super-awesome “Gideon” party aside, the day I really and truly celebrated the 5th birthday of my little guy was, duh…on his birthday. Its my new favorite thing to do – party with all the friends and family in the days leading up to the birthday and keep it simple and homespun and closeknit on the actual “holiday”. Which is perfect because it gives me the freedom to cry all I want and no one will see me.

This year, for Gideon’s special day, we decided to…

Pull the mattress into the living room the night before and watch “Kung Fu Panda 2”. Per Gideon’s request, we went back upstairs and fetched Rebekah, who treats people like her footstools and pillows when she is in their bed. It was a tossy and turny affair, but then we don’t expect otherwise from Miss Sunday. We also ate POPCORN in BED! How disgusting and marvelous is THAT?!

The next morning, God seemingly smiled upon me by allowing me the opportunity to shower and make-up and completely prepare and decorate for a festive birthday breakfast. I couldn’t believe my good fortune, as our firstborn is usually up-and-at-’em well before his Mother! I was pulling the monkey bread out of the oven when Gideon woke up.

Five year olds make very big wishes…

and they are really good at blowing out candles.

Is there anything more special that having your family gathered around you to celebrate your life? Probably not.

FIVE. YEARS. OLD. Mother Hen, where did the time go?! I don’t know, Mrs. Gore. I really don’t.

And then we were off! Just Mama, Papa and Gideon, to celebrate the day away. Do you see the birthday van below? I highly recommend this tradition for the birthday girl or boy – it was great fun to cheer and laugh and clap everytime a horn honked. Gideon loved it.

First we went to Ted’s Cafe Escondido, or as Gideon refers to it, “that place with chips and hot sauchez” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously didn’t read “Mrs. Gore’s School of Incorrection” – Shame on you). Gid the Kid can polish off a little bowl of queso in minutes and he literally ate this birthday lunch up! And he was quite smitten with the petite Hispanic lady making fresh tortillas: “She’s really pretty,” he said, admiringly. “And she’s a hard worker.”

And I almost had a birthday meltdown when the restaurant staff came to sing “Happy Birthday” to our son after plopping a huge pink sombrero upon his head. He would shyly look up at them and then cover his mouth and duck and smile, reaching out to touch me and look at me as if he needed to anchor himself lest he die from embarrassment and excitement. If you want to come over sometime, I’ll show you the video and we can talk about how precious and cute my son is. You say when, senor.

The next stop on our birthday tour was our favorite garden center – Southwood Landscape and Nursery – that has a little corner full of tricycles for kids to ride. Not so long ago, Gideon howled in frustration when he couldn’t peddle without my help and I spent my entire visit there pushing him down the sidewalks and comforting him when he got stuck…

As a 5-year old, however, he left me and his Papa in the dust! We were hard-pressed to keep up with him, and that gleeful grin never left his face as he made innumberable laps around the nursery. I was seriously afraid he was going to have a huge wreck, but I think I read somewhere that mothers of 5-year olds have to loosen up a little. So I did…on the outside.

And all 3 of us left there unscathed and happy.

And on the way home, we stopped at Books-a-Million and read Dr. Seuss books in the floor and played with toys and had a truly wonderful time. It seems wrong to take a camera into a place where books are being read – or maybe I just forgot to take it inside – but I took one more picture of him by the birthday van in the parking lot.

The birthday boy was beat, which means our birthday outing was a huge success!

5 years ago when I brought him home, I could carry him in one arm. On this day, however, his legs were dangling from my grasp. Its absolutely crazy how they manage to grow without you noticing, even though you spend the whole of every day in their company. Witchcraft, it is.

And how is it possible for me to love him even more today than I did then? I don’t know, but it is at least 5 times as much.

Happy Birthday dear Gideon, my beloved boy! Five years old is awfully big. 

6 thoughts on “Mother Hen’s Fifth Birthday

    • I can’t imagine my little 5-year old being a grown man…I know I’ll read over these someday and BAWL my EYES out!
      And my little 5-year old sure loves you – he talks about you all the time.

    • Story of his life. I almost snuck in to take a picture of him and Gideon last week. His head was positively hanging off of the bed and Gideon was cuddled right in behind him – and it is king-sized! (the bed, not his head).

  1. What brought tears to my eyes is the last picture of him asleep on your shoulder! Having my own 5 year old boy I understood each moment! You are an amazing mommy Mrs. Gore!

    • Isn’t it the greatest treat when they fall asleep on us these days? It used to be every other hour or so, and now I’m lucky if it happens once in a month!
      Thank you, Kathy. I think you’re a pretty amazing mommy yourself!

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