On Location and Feeling Grateful

This is Mrs. Gore, coming to you LIVE once more, from, that’s right…Panera Bread.

Mr. Gore, looking studious with his navy blue cardigan and handsome with his new haircut (courtesy of yours, truly)  is sitting across from me with his Elders in Congregational Life book, pen in hand, cinnamon crumb cake and Horizon Organic milk with a sippy straw nearby. We’ve really got to get this guy hooked on coffee.

And I’m just feeling quite grateful, in general, but quite specifically for you. That’s right, you, the one who takes time to bop over to Mrs. Gore’s Diary and read the words that I stay up late – or ignore my children for during the day – to type.

Gid the Kid is growing into no-nap territory…each day is a toss-up as to whether or not he will crash before the day’s end or not…but we still have him go upstairs to lay down after lunch. Today, he called me upstairs 6 or 7 times to see quite useless things – the way his racecar can flip off the bed, the pile of animals stacked precariously atop his stuffed Batman toy, the –

…excuse me, a new piping hot vat of Hazelnut was just put out…

Oh yeah. That’s some good stuff.

But where was I? Gideon. So he calls me upstairs all the time to see all kinds of random things that I have to force myself to get excited about.

And that made me think of me and you.

Hey guys, wanna see pictures of Gideon’s birthday party?

Guess what I’m thinking about right this minute, everybody?

Do you want to know what I got for Christmas? Its awesome.

And I publish it here and I share it on facebook and I pin it on Pinterest and I call my Mom and ask if she saw it and if she talked to Aunt Bea about it and what she thought and I check back a hundred times a day to see if anyone ‘liked’ it or left comments about it and how many people read and it and where they were from and what time it was when they read it.

I’m like Gideon, constantly feeling the need to share the mundane with someone who cares.

Thank you, for caring.

I need you in my life, just like Gideon needs his Mama.

This cup of coffee I’m drinking? It is totally in your honor.

7 thoughts on “On Location and Feeling Grateful

  1. Mrs. Gore, I am absolutely in love with ALL of your posts. They brighten my day and always, and I mean ALWAYS leave me with a huge smile on my face. I feel like I enter into a fairy world when I read your diary. It truly makes me quite happy. I really appreciate you posting, because though it may be “mundane” to some, it is far from it for me. You’re encouraging, fun, and refreshing. Please never stop, no matter how silly you think the post may be because you will always have one reader in this “little lady” right here!

    • oh! this made my day, Mrs. Breland! Thank you for your incredibly kind words, and…okay, okay, you’ve convinced me – I’ll never stop. Just as long as you keep reading. God bless you!

  2. I just adore live shows and I totally adore you. You
    always seem to have a posting when I’m having a bad day. Shorty killed one of my chickens. It’s a sad day at Aunt B’s house.

    • awww, Shorty. Bad, bad dog.
      If my posts make Aunt B feel better, then by golly, I’ll keep posting. That would be motivation enough! It thrills my heart to have you here – in the computer world – with me. You know how much I love you!! Don’t you?
      A LOT!

  3. And this strawberries & creme I am eating is in YOUR honor, Mrs. Gore! 🙂 Love your blogs and look forward to as many as you have time for in between trips upstairs to check on Gideon!

    • oh boy, and its even more trips up and down the stairs now that Mr. Gore is first-floor-bound!
      Your family is my one of my greatest sources of encouragement – I am just positive we will run in the same circle in heaven.

  4. I don’t see why parents don’t have an easier time understanding how important it is to watch their kid do mundanities (I coined that word–ignoring the squiggly red line).

    Anthony De Mello says the single greatest act of love is to see. That means that the greatest love I can give my child is to contemplate them, to witness them, to attend to them. Not talk, not feed, not counsel, not discipline (though these are certainly love) but seeing is the greatest. In fact, I love in all the other ways for the sake of this great love, not the other way around.

    To see someone requires great discipline and courage and detachment. That’s why love is so much touted but so hard to come by, even in the Christian church where God is love, but especially in the secular world where love is a god.

    To publish your thoughts and feelings and self in words is to present yourself as an object of contemplation. To be an object of contemplation may be to become an object of ridicule, hate, derision, misunderstanding, slander–or to become seen, to be loved, by God and all the angels and all the community of the virtuous.

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