Something about spring-type days in February makes a gal all kinds of grateful and content. When the sun is shining – but not too hot – and the breeze is blowing – but not too hard – and the birds are chirping – but the wasps are not – I find myself thinking how very little we need to survive in this world. As long as there is sufficient food in the pantry, clean sheets on the bed, some comfy clothes to wear, and a whole lotta books to look at, I am h.a.p.p.y. On days like this, the rest of the stuff in my house frankly starts getting on my nerves and I am moments away from donating it to a hoarder.

I love to watch my kids play in the yard. They don’t really need the junky toys we’ve bought for them. Sticks…rocks…dirt…grass…once a child gets lost in their outside play, God’s creation is more than sufficient to keep them busy for hours. As they laugh and work and play and I watch with the breeze gently blowing in my face and the baby in my lap, I think we are much closer to the heart of God in those moments than when we are holed up in the house with our possessions and our technology and our one thousand avenues of entertainment.

And I know in my heart that this simple life of pilgrimage that we are beginning to live, though heavy with self-sacrifice and war on the flesh, is the secret to true and lasting joy. Once the journey on the narrow road really begins, we find that all of those deadlines and stresses and aspirations that cause us to hurry and fret and load up in the car a hundred times a week are self-imposed and absolutely unnecessary.

What is the best thing I can give my children? The gospel. What do I want them to be when they grow up? Christ-followers. What do we need to do with our time, money and talents? Glorify God.

Simple, isn’t it?

I am basking in this simplicity. And so are my kids.

Of course, the popsicles help.

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