Weeklies: the Valentine edition (February 12 – 18)

*So I was going through some old papers tonight and found the letter that I wrote – but thank God, never sent – to Justin Timberlake wherein I shared the gospel with him and then gave him my number in case he wanted to “talk about it”. I sincerely wish I could say I was in middle school when I penned that letter.

*Which brought to mind something that makes me laugh everytime I think of it – my Mom was showing me her old scrapbooks one day from when she was a young girl in elementary school. She had cut and pasted pictures of her classmates on a page and had written their names underneath. Right between two 2nd graders was Robert Mitchum, his name written carefully underneath his beautiful head. Boy craziness at a very young age runs in the family.

*Gideon came downstairs whining/crying “Rebekah said she doesn’t like my smile.”
“Rebekah!” I chided, my voice carrying up the stairs to her crib. “You need to be nice to Bubba!”
“But…” she weepily replied, “Gideon said he was going to throw me in the hot lava.”
And I could not stop the smirk that turned into a smile that turned into a laugh. My kids are kind of mean.

*Gideon has a new arsenal of adjectives: mysterious, jealous, ridiculous. But he doesn’t always use them correctly: when I picked out some books for us to read, he said “Hey those aren’t the books I picked out. Ugh, this makes me jealous!” True to form, I did NOT correct him.

*I stuck my hand into our empty Kleenex box, hoping to find one last tissue at the bottom. Instead I found a large potato.

*And then there were a few things this Valentine holiday that made me chuckle and grab my camera…

The “gluestick” that I put on the table for our Valentine-making party. Also known as sunscreen. Whatever.

The not one…

but TWO heart-shaped suckers that were stuck like super-glue to TWO of my tables.

The huge pile of construction-paper hearts that Gideon (the hoarder) made but refused to use on any cards that we would be giving away. Which means that I will have them in my kitchen until…probably forever.

The heart-shaped dust pile that Mr. Gore noticed before it was swept up into the dustpan. Even the dust celebrates at our house!

And last but not least, the conversation heart that was in my 2-year old daughter’s little baggie of Valentine treats that read “Shake It.” Keep it classy, conversation hearts.

What a week!

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