How Good and Pleasant

Few things sadden me more than when my children do not get along.

I remember days last year when they would lay together on the couch watching television, sometimes his head in her lap, sometimes her head in his lap, sometimes with their feet tangled up in the middle. They were best pals during that season, and more often than not, the sounds I heard coming from their room upstairs were laughter, shrieks, giggles, whispers...

But as they grew into more competitive young preschoolers, with territories to defend and ideas to cling to, the upstairs sounds have sometimes turned to shrieks of a different nature, followed by tattling or pushing or knock-down, drag-out struggles.

They have everything they need to live in peace and unity and joy, but they choose to allow their selfishness and their opinions and their possessions to muddy their relationship at times.

Children have a way of displaying to us the ridiculousness of our own actions…

Think of the church, sometimes choosing to exchange the beauty of a unified and happy family for brokenness and division. And, in most cases, over what? Differing opinions. Selfishness. Territory.

Like Gideon and Rebekah, we have everything we need to get along and love one another ~ the same blood is flowing through our veins, is it not? ~  but instead we say “That’s mine!” or, even worse, “I don’t want to play with you anymore.” We toss our greatest gifts from God aside and stomp on them in our haste to have our own way and arrange things how we think they should be arranged.

Just like my quarrelsome little children who can’t see or understand that the best playmate in the world is standing right in front of their face.

Another good season is on the horizon at our house as Gideon and Rebekah are learning once more to play on the same level ~ there is lots of wrestling, lots of belly laughs and even the occasional random act of kindness where a toy is given or an apology is voluntarily issued. It makes my heart smile to see them working out a puzzle together or running upstairs to play doctor or laughing at jokes that only they understand.

“Yes,” my heart proclaims. “This is the way families are intended to be.”

It makes me want to work that much harder at being a good sister to my church family.

“Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.” Psalm 133:1

How good and pleasant indeed.

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