Weeklies: February 5 – 11

*After a particularly long night during our bout with strep throat these last 2 weeks, Rebekah looked at my eyes and must have noticed they were a bit bloodshot. “Mama!” she gasped. “Your eyes are about to cwack!” And then she gasped once more. “Mama! Your eyes are cwacking!”

*When a kid starts rambling, I rarely butt in, as I find their stories so interesting and their thoughts so random. But sometimes, I find out things I wish I hadn’t…
“Mom, I had a lot of boogers last morning when I was in your bed and I was playing with them and when I digged out the last one it was so big.” I listened quietly to see if it was the end of Gideon’s story. It wasn’t. “…But then I lost it.”

*”Mom, do you know what I’m saying in my head?” Gideon asked.
“What?”‘ I replied.
“I love God.”
“Wow, Gid…”
“And the 3 kings.” he finished.
“And I love the Holy Spirit because he fixes my heart and I love God and Jesus because they fix my heart, too. That’s why I love them. What are you telling God in your head?”
“That I am thankful that He made Gideon.” I answered.
“Oh.” he replied, unimpressed. “Mine was even nicer, right?”

*During the height of Gideon’s sickness, stuffiness and an ear infection clogged up his ears so much he couldn’t hear me very well. But then, knowing Gideon, I wasn’t sure if he was perhaps…exaggerating.  When he arrived at my bedside asking quite loudly to watch a movie one morning, I whispered for him to get in bed with me lest he wake up Baby Betsie. “What?!” he asked in a non-whisper. “Get in bed with me!” I whispered. “I can’t hear you!” he yelled, indulgently. So I used made-up sign language for him to join me in bed, and of course, he understood perfectly. Later that day, suspicious that he was putting on a little about the state of his poor hearing, I began whispering words to judge his sincerity as he colored at the table. “Kung Fu Panda” I whispered out of the corner of my mouth. He didn’t budge. “Captain America!” I whispered. “Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda.” Nothing. “Hmmm…” I murmured, thinking maybe he couldn’t hear, after all, when he dryly piped up “I can hear you saying ‘Kung Fu Panda.'” Life with Gideon Gore truly is one giant mindgame.

*One afternoon while Gid the Kid ranted and raved about life in general and his sickness in particular, Rebekah looked at me and confided “Gideon is making our family sad, Mama.” For some reason, this gave me a fit of giggles. I think I was delirious.

* Rebekah just caught me eating Betsie’s peach puffs…the ones I never let her eat because they’re “for babies”. Busted.

What a week!

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