Twas the Night Before Valentine’s Day

…and I am positively covered in icing and sprinkles. (And no, that isn’t part of Mr. Gore’s Valentine’s gift…he doesn’t like icing OR sprinkles).

My house already looks like Valentine’s Day threw up a little. This, of course, is not my usual preference for holiday ambiance; I love to wake up to a tidy and nicely decorated house that says “Top of the holiday mornin’ to you, Mrs. Gore!”

But the icing dripping off of my kitchen island, the sprinkles littering the floor, the kitchen table completely overtaken by Valentine card-making supplies, the heart-shaped suckers STUCK to the table (I finally had to pry them up with a metal spatula!)…they all proclaim that we’ve been busy living around here. Spending nearly 2 weeks homebound with my sick children while contemplating my beloved daughter’s upcoming surgery has put me in a very loving and focused frame of mind, and I’ve had the time to reevaluate what I do here as the matron of Gore House….

And I’ve realized again how much I adore these children and how grateful I am to have the freedom to be a homemaker. When our health finally allowed us to have our Valentine-making party last Friday, my heart was soaring as we basked in the blessings of life abundant, living with one another in love and kindness (when we’re not fighting), making memories and tasting those glimpses of Eden that are available to us in Jesus Christ. Take a look…

my Valentines, for life...

this was the first day we had seen our sweet nieces for was so nice to be together again!

even Betsie enjoyed the reunion/party, sharing a happy hug with her May 30th birthday-pal Abigail

a true sentiment of love

heart-shaped watermelon, loads of strawberries, strawberry cake ~ fuel for our Valentine-making labors

heart-shaped pepperonis taste WAY better than their circular counterparts

Pioneer Woman's cherry limeade was a crowd-pleaser, from the 2-year olds to the 60-year old

and Paula Deen's strawberry cake is pink perfection...especially the icing part

my little Strawberry Shortcake

and it was so nice to finally treat my Mom to a party ~ although she did insist on helping me clean up.

Ah, yes…VALENTINE’S DAY is upon us, y’all.

I don’t know about you, but Mrs. Gore is excited.

May you have a lovely day full of clashing colors, sugary confections and sweet nothings. And please, consider this your first Valentine card of the day…from Mrs. Gore to you, Happy Valentines’ Day!

4 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before Valentine’s Day

  1. And a sweet Happy Valentines Day to you as well! Consider this, most likely, your first reply from your obviously related night owl Aunt Susan!!

    Have great fun with your sweethearts! My day will be filled with sweet surprises…one of which is learning the gender of Mia’s baby, a great reason to celebrate together through Skype! And of course, delivering sweeties to all of my Grand – and I do mean Grand!!- children.

    If you need words of encouragement during the days leading up to your baby Miss Sunday’s surgery, give me a call. As you know, I have experience in this department! I have been and will continue to pray for all of you. I know you….and I know your heart is heavy as you await this journey.

    I love you and all of yours,


    • We had a fantastic holiday – and I hope you did, too! It sounds like you had a lot of fun in store.
      And thank you, so much, for this encouraging message. It made my day – and I might take you up on that phone call offer. I have lots of questions (most of which are probably ridiculous and far-fetched) and could use some good and sound answers.
      I love you dearly, and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to respond here! My children are DYING to come back to your house. Gideon loved everything about you and your home and Rebekah always talks about “that great big baby” doll that you let her tote around. You left quite an impact, but then, that is no surprise…their Mother is quite a fan of Aunt Susan, too!

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