My Not So Funny Valentine

“After looking at these x-rays, I’m just not pleased with that finger. I’m going to send you to another doctor to discuss surgery.”

I gulped, letting this surprising news sink into my stomach. We stood up, Mr. Gore picked up my huge purse, I grabbed Rebekah’s hand and we followed the nurse down the long hallway to another exam room where we took a seat and waited. Soon, the doctor who had been overseeing her progress over the phone and through her x-rays on the computer walked in, introduced himself, and gave us a very clear and concise argument for why our little girl needed to undergo an operation to help straighten out her undeniably crooked finger. “Deformed” was actually the word he used and then assured us that we would not be happy with what her finger looked like as she grew.

And we agreed…

He was right. It looked terrible, even after the huge purple and black scab that had been dominating one side had fallen off earlier in the week. Her soft pink flesh was returning, but there was no ignoring the abnormal bent of that little index finger.

Soon we were meeting with a secretary to discuss and schedule the operation.

“As soon as possible” we agreed…

“There is no use delaying” we reasoned…

“Tuesdays are the days he operates? Then how about tomorrow?” we eagerly asked….

“Oh, the next week? Of course.” Mr. Gore affirmed…

I cleared my throat.

I darted my eyes to meet my husband’s while the secretary looked at her computer screen.

I whispered/coughed “That’s Valentine’s Day.

A small smirk settled around my husband’s mouth.

“Will that work for you?” the nurse asked.

Mr. Gore looked at me with eyebrows raised.

“Um…” I hedged. “I know this sounds stupid but that is Valentine’s Day….”

She blinked. Mr. Gore blinked.

I caved.

“…and that would be a great day to do it. Yes, Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day??

Not sweet, happy, pink-and-red Valentine’s Day.

But yes. Valentine’s Day.

The holiday I had spent months dreaming about would be spent in a hospital.

Mr. Gore, of course, made fun of me on the way home for being SO concerned about my daughter’s finger…until it came to a holiday. Then it could easily wait a week or two.

Thank goodness all 3 of my children came down with strep throat this week and we had to postpone her surgery. The ear infections were an added bonus.

Sure, it may have made for some chaos and sadness around here all week, but…guess what I’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine stuff.

My darling and me at our Valentine-making party. More to come...

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