1st Place in My Heart

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Drawing from a cupcake liner craft idea I saw on Pinterest, I decided that, instead of spending $3 or $4 on store-bought Valentine cards for the children in my family, I would spend $500 at Michael’s on craft supplies to make them a “cheap” but unique Valentine ribbon to wear on Valentine’s Day.

So I’ve never been so great at math. Or logic. Or thinking things through…

And maybe I didn’t really spend $500 or anywhere close to that…but I did buy a glue gun, a huge package of cupcake liners, a package of doily-inspired gift tags, a package of sturdy felt heart notions, 2 spools of red ribbon, 2 sheets of felt, and a box of bar pins. What can I say? Roses are red, sages are wise, I am a sucker for Martha Stewart craft supplies.

The bad news is that if you add that all up, I probably spent more than I would have on store-bought Valentine cards. The good news is that, with my leftover supplies, I can make 15 batches of cupcakes, decorate at least 8 Christmas gifts and make a couple dozen brooches should I ever have the fancy to do so. And I have a Martha Stewart glue gun with not one, but two heat settings. And its awesome. And I love it.

But the best news is that I had an unplanned moment to myself this week and I spent it pouring my heart into making something special for the ones I love. As I arranged and cut and glued and created, I prayed and thanked God for the beautiful blessings He has entrusted to us in our children. I can’t wait to share my gift with them on Valentine’s Day and display to them with a sweet little ribbon that they will always be 1st place in my heart, whether they are a son, a daughter, a niece or a nephew.

You could make these any variety of ways, but here is my take on them:

P.S. I used my supplies in the following order, from top to bottom, using my GLUEGUN: Martha Stewart adhesive die-cut felt hearts and buttons, Martha Stewart die-cut lace tags, Martha Stewart gingham treat wrappers, Celebrate It red ribbon, 9×12 piece of felt (cut into squares for backing), Jewelry Essentials Findings 1 1/2″ bar pins

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