Weeklies: January 15 – 21

*This week is my 1-year blogiversary. Can’t BELIEVE how many of you have allowed me to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on with all the blither blather. Thanks, though, from the bottom of my heart!

*Someone got to my blog today by typing “mrs. gore’s diary fart eater” in a search engine…Methinks this was not random. Mr. Gore?Have you anything to say to this?

*There is a chubby little pig-tailed darling sitting next to me watching “Cinderella” with stars in her eyes…I feel like I’m looking at myself 27 years ago.

*Gideon is telling a windy as I type. It is getting bigger and bigger. According to him…he “spent” all of his money in his piggy bank. Actually, he gave it to some people. People who didn’t have any money. At the basketball game. The money was in his car and he went and got it and said “Here…here’s some money for you.” I’m just typing away as his tall tale grows and grows, none of which is even the slightest bit true. Should I be disciplining him for this? Cause I don’t wanna. As far as lies go, this one is pretty cute.

*Rebekah employed a new word this week: emergency. As in, “Mama its an emergency! Betsie is trying to play with my puzzle.” OR “Mama its an emergency! Betsie is eating my puzzle.” OR “Mama its an emergency! I can’t find my puzzle.” Lots of emergencies around here, which means I am doing lots of unnecessary running to and fro to make sure its not REALLY an emergency, like “Mama, its an emergency! Betsie SWALLOWED my puzzle.”

*”Mama,” Gideon laughed as he walked into the kitchen. “I was sitting on Baby Betsie. But not on her head.” (Another example of a semi-emergency that could have quickly turned into an emergency).

*Oh dear. Betsie has discovered that her body can take her across the room is she wants it to. Let the baby-proofing (and the mopping!) begin…

*So I’m trying to write, but Gid the Kid keeps asking me how to spell words.  The only problem is that the words aren’t real. “How do you spell ‘kookawheel”? he asked, candy cane pen poised above his Christmas tree notepad. “Gid, I’m trying to work.” I said. “Well…just tell me how to spell ‘Mrs. Cog” he pleaded. That’s when I remembered that sometimes its better not to ask questions or make comments and just start spelling: “M-R-S -…”

*If Mr. Gore had deceived himself into thinking that I am even halfway capable of doing life on my own, I showed him otherwise today. I had to follow him and the kids to OKC to return our friends’ car to them. (sidenote: the only thing more terrifying than driving someone else’s car is driving someone else’s car behind your minivan full of beloved family members. Separation anxiety to the max). I failed at filling up the car with gas, choosing a ridiculously low amount to pre-pay. I accidentally bought two carwashes and Chris had to go inside and get a refund. (Important to the plot of this story: at this point, I decided I’d rather be in charge of the minivan than our friends car, so we switched places). I followed the wrong car down the highway and realized Mr. Gore had exited well after I passed the exit. We only have one cell phone so I couldn’t call him to find out where to meet him. I took the next exit and pulled over on the side of the road, praying he would find me. I let Gideon go “peep” and discovered that little boys need more space than the front passenger door allows; when Mr. Gore found us and pulled over in front of us, Gideon was peeing all over the door. I put my head in my hands and laughed until I cried. (Then we went the wrong way, turned around at a dead end, drove for 20 minutes trying to find the right road, pulled over so Mr. Gore could fetch the cell phone to call our friends for directions and got locked out of the car that was still running. Our 1 hour and 10 minute drive turned into a 3 hour ordeal, and most of it was my fault, but we got lots of laughs. Which is always worth it).

*I really wish facebook would add a “like” option for when people “like” your status. Because I really want people to know that I like it that they like my status. And then if they liked that I liked that they liked my status, I would also like that, too, as well also.

*Sometimes Rebekah licks her index finger and wipes it off on my forehead.

*Speaking of licking, I’ve decided one of my least favorite things about mothering small children is when I realize that my finger is sticky and I lick it and immediately recognize (with a sinking stomach) the flavor of the Baby Orajel that I just put on the baby’s gums…right before my tongue goes numb. Yes this has happened more than 5 times.

*Speaking of gums and teething, Betsie’s top toofers are finally popping out. Just thought I’d share.

*And speaking of Betsie, she is the sweetest baby I have ever had the pleasure of meeting/holding/nursing/cuddling/looking at, but she kicks like a mule. We always know she is awake or about to cry when he wear that telltale thumping of her feet on the mattress or on the hard floor. Whap, whap, whap! Thump, thump, thump!

*I haven’t even started Betsie on fruits yet because she is so ducky over vegetables. When she eats her green beans or sweet potatoes, she just moans over each bite…think me, with a donut.

*Gid the Kid likes to float in the bath with just his little face peeking out of the water. Tonight he thought it would be funny to scream at the top of his lungs while floating. Like, pierce your ears, little girl, bloody murder scream. Then he would say, quite loudly “WAS THAT SUPER LOUD??” The only problem was, with his ears below water, he couldn’t hear me saying “Gideon! Gideon. Gideon!! Gideon, stop screaming. Stop it!” He just laid there grinning like a possum before the next ear-splitting scream.

*I think Betsie’s new teeth are giving her the willies. Everytime she runs her tongue over them, she shivers from head to toe.

*We met our friends, Zac and Chrissy, for lunch this weekend and every last one of us was wearing a green shirt – and not just plain ol’ green, but spring green. “Wow!” our waitress exclaimed. “You guys are all wearing my favorite color!” Yeah…we didn’t plan that.

*Gideon accompanied his Papa to the local elementary school this week to have lunch with some of our church kids. He was wearing regular sweatpants and a long-sleeved tee, but on his head was a Spiderman-blanket-turned-pirate-turban, gathered tightly at the nape of his neck and flowing past his knees behind him, an eyepatch, a hook, a ginormous spy watch on his wrist, cowboy boots on his feet, a Colonial spotting scope in one hand and a vintage lunchpail dangling from his hook on the other hand. He might as well have had a nametag on that said “Hi. I’m homeschooled.”

*I had to scold Betsie for the first time this week, after she sprayed me for the third time with green beans. I said “No, Betsie” one time. She cried. Disciplining this girl is going to be a breeeeeze.

*You just haven’t lived until you’ve heard Gideon belt out in song from the backseat with The Beatles: “All my wovin’ I will send to you…all my wovin’, darlin’ I’ll be true”…I die a little every time. Especially because I know he is not singing to some floozy girl, but to his dear old Mother. Sigghhhhhh.

*Gid used our theology against us this week when I was demanding that he stop being mean to Rebekah: “Well sin is making me do and I just can’t stop.” He’s right, you know…but oh so wrong!

*And then there was the question my son asked me as I was wrapping up this week’s Weeklies: “Who will I live with when you and Papa get old and dying?” Those are the types of questions that I don’t even begin to know how to answer. I just say “Uhhhhhh…” while me and Gid stare at each other.

What a week!

4 thoughts on “Weeklies: January 15 – 21

  1. Oooohhhh Leslie. What a treat it is to read about the Gore’s life experiences. It’s like I’m sitting right there experiencing them with you.
    A much needed reprieve to my day.

    • Thank you so much for saying that – it has helped me to persevere the few times I have thought to myself “I don’t WANNA do the Weeklies!” Nothing motivates me more than a laughing audience. 🙂

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